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Parcl Takes Snapshot for $PRCL Airdrop, Concludes Initial Points Trilogy

Parcl users who participated in the Points Trilogy are set to receive a $PRCL airdrop. Distribution details will be announced soon.

April 2, 2024 by Sheldon

Parcl, the decentralized real estate investment platform, has officially wrapped up its initial Points Trilogy program. The final snapshot for the initial $PRCL token distribution was taken on April 1st at 23:59 UTC, marking a significant milestone for the project.

Season 3 of the Points Trilogy proved a resounding success, with over 200,000 participants driving substantial growth for the Parcl ecosystem. Key metrics like total value locked (TVL) and trading volume experienced significant increases since the program's inception.

Perpetual Points: The Next Chapter

With the conclusion of the Points Trilogy, Parcl has seamlessly transitioned to its new Perpetual Points system. This ongoing incentive program rewards users for their contributions to the platform, including providing liquidity, trading, and more. The first season of Perpetual Points will culminate in the back half of Q2 2024, with the largest $PRCL distribution within the program.

Expanding Horizons

Alongside the launch of Perpetual Points, Parcl has revealed ambitious plans for expansion. The platform will soon increase leverage limits and onboard FX markets to support global real estate investment, starting with London and Paris. Additionally, users can expect rental price feeds and the integration of "native" assets.

Community Distribution and Loyalty

Parcl Limited, the entity behind the protocol, will release comprehensive details about the initial $PRCL community distribution during the week of April 8th.

Notably, the final Season 3 loyalty and consistency snapshot has not yet been taken. This snapshot will occur within the next seven days, with significant boosts reflected in the finalized leaderboard. These boosts are designed to reward users who have remained committed to Parcl throughout its growth journey.

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