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Parcl Announces April Airdrop Date & Tokenomics: Here is how you can secure the maximum allocation

The $PRCL token launch is coming in April, with up to 8% of tokens airdropped to Parcl users. Read on for token details and strategies to secure the largest possible allocation.

February 26, 2024 by Sheldon

Parcl Limited has unveiled exciting details about the upcoming launch of its $PRCL token. This network token will mark a landmark step in the progressive decentralization of the Parcl Protocol. Designed for real-world asset trading, Parcl has experienced significant growth, boasting over 140,000 users, $75 million in Total Value Locked (TVL), and over $225 million in notional volume.

What is Parcl?

Parcl is a first-of-its-kind platform enabling decentralized trading in the real estate market on Solana. Its core mission is to establish a liquid market around the world's largest asset class. Parcl's mission has attracted notable interest and support. The platform has raised $11.6 million in funding, with backing from prominent investors such as Solana Ventures and Coinbase Ventures.


  • Token Identifier: $PRCL
  • Launch Date: April 2024
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Initial Community Supply: 7-8%
  • Estimated Initial Float: 10-12%

PRCL Token Utility

  • Governance: Participation in governing aspects of the Protocol
  • Data Functionality: Access to high-quality real estate data through the Parcl Labs API
  • Protocol Incentives: Participation in incentive programs like Perpetual Network Incentives

Parcl Points

In December 2023, Parcl successfully launched its innovative Parcl Points loyalty system. This system rewards user engagement and has significantly boosted trading activity on the platform. Now, Parcl will use the points system to distribute its $PRCL token.

$PRCL Airdrop: Detailed Airdrop Farming Guide

While official details of the PRCL airdrop have yet to be revealed, maximizing your Parcl Points is a solid strategy to increase your allocation. Here's a breakdown of the best ways to boost your points ahead of the launch:

1. Provide Liquidity: The Most Reliable Method

  • How it Works: Deposit USDC stablecoins into Parcl's liquidity pools. For every USDC locked, you earn 4 points daily.
  • Important: Liquidity must be locked for at least 30 days.
  • Benefits: Reliable and predictable point earning without risk of trading losses.
  • Estimate: Locking $1300 in liquidity could place you within the top 10,000 on the Parcl leaderboard by the April token launch.

2. Trade Actively: Higher Points, Higher Risk

  • How it Works: Trade real estate markets on Parcl, betting on prices rising (long) or falling (short). You earn 2 points per day for every USDC in open interest (the size of your trades).
  • Important: Trading carries risks. Research markets carefully.
  • Benefits: Potential for higher points than just providing liquidity.

3. Refer Friends: Network Bonus

  • How it Works: Share your unique referral code. You'll earn 10% of the user's points who use your code.
  • Boost: Create your Parcl account and use a referral code from your friends (you can also use "sheldonsol"), which will give you a 5% daily points boost.

4. Hold HOA NFTs: Exclusive Perks

  • The NFT Advantage: Owning Parcl's official Home Owner Association (HOA) NFTs grants you a 20% daily points boost, with further increases for holding multiple NFTs.

Following the $JUP airdrop, Solana's momentum is building. Now's your chance to position yourself for the potentially lucrative PRCL launch in April. Don't miss out on Solana's airdrop wave!

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