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Zeta to Launch Solana's First L2 DEX Rollup, Confirms $Z Airdrop Eligibility Criteria

Zeta Markets confirms $Z airdrop for early supporters, unveils roadmap featuring new markets, lending protocol, and Solana DEX rollup.

March 13, 2024 by Sheldon

Zeta Markets, the leading derivatives DEX on Solana, has dropped thrilling news for its loyal community: official confirmation of the $Z airdrop and eligibility details. This highly anticipated event is set to unfold in April and is poised to reward early adopters and dedicated users of the platform. Zeta Markets has already facilitated over $2.77 billion in trading volume, serving a massive user base of more than 71,600 monthly active users (MAU).

In a move towards transparency, Zeta has unveiled a comprehensive roadmap for the protocol alongside details regarding the $Z airdrop. Participants in both Season 1 and Season 2 of the Z-Score program will be eligible for the initial $Z airdrop. This aligns with the project's goal of rewarding users who have contributed to the platform's growth. The roadmap also includes plans for a second $Z airdrop, potentially further incentivizing long-term token holders.

Roadmap Highlights: New Markets, Zeta-Lend, and $Z Utility

Zeta's roadmap is packed with exciting developments. Phase 2, dubbed "Catalyst," introduces key features, including Zeta-Lend (a dedicated lending market), yield products, and support for multiple collaterals like SOL and ESOL. These additions significantly expand the protocol's offerings and appeal to a wider range of traders. The roadmap also outlines significant upgrades to the $Z token's utility, with staking and governance at the forefront.

Phase 3: Solana DEX Rollups – A Game-Changer

Zeta's most ambitious milestone lies in Phase 3, "Prevalence," where the team plans to launch a pioneering Solana DEX rollup. This technological leap positions Zeta to directly challenge centralized exchanges, offering unmatched scalability and security inherited from Solana.

When SolanaFloor asked Tristan Frizza, the founder of Zeta, about the motivation and the vision behind building a DEX rollup, he replied:" the vast majority of traders use centralized exchanges due to convenience and liquidity. Our goal is to give everyone access to a more transparent and trustworthy DeFi alternative."

Frizza emphasizes the unique potential of this rollup design: "By migrating parts of our proprietary matching engine and margin logic to a custom, high-performance DeFi rollup on Solana, we allow ourselves to achieve the throughput and liquidity of a CEX whilst retaining the security and self-custodial benefits of the Solana Layer 1."

The Future of Derivatives Trading

The Zeta roadmap is a testament to the protocol's commitment to innovation and unwavering focus on delivering the ultimate DeFi trading experience. By combining the power of decentralization with CEX-level performance, Zeta aims to break down the barriers to entry and drive mass adoption of decentralized derivatives.

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