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Zeta Revises $Z Tokenomics, Increases Airdrop Allocation for Active Traders

Early Zeta adopters to benefit from loyalty boosts in updated token distribution.

April 26, 2024 by Sheldon

Zeta, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on Solana, has announced a significant revision to its $Z token distribution model. This update comes in response to feedback from its community, who expressed concerns about the initial airdrop allocation. Many active traders felt the original 5% airdrop and a 4% allocation for post-launch staking didn't adequately reward those actively using the platform.

Key Changes: Focus on Traders, Not Just Stakers

Addressing this feedback, Zeta has increased the initial airdrop for traders from 5% to 7% of the total $Z token supply. Additionally, a 1% allocation will be distributed to traders who are also members of key Solana communities. This shift indicates a prioritization of those who are actively engaging with the Zeta platform.

Furthermore, the allocation for $Z stakers has been decreased from 4% to 2%. Zeta states that this aims to further incentivize traders who choose to stake their airdropped tokens.

Loyalty Rewards for Early Supporters

Zeta recognizes the crucial role played by its early supporters. The revised tokenomics will include loyalty boosts for "OG" (pre-Season 1) and Season 1 traders, with OGs receiving a larger boost.

TGE Date 

While the official Token Generation Event (TGE) date is still being finalized, Zeta reports that significant progress is being made. The slight delay is attributed to efforts to ensure a successful launch, coordinating factors like token engineering, security, listings, and liquidity measures.

Zeta emphasizes that community feedback remains vital during the development of their DEX. These updates aim to align the $Z token with those who actively use and contribute to the platform's growth.

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