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Wolf Capital Brings Remarkable Enhancements to Lending Analytics

Wolf Capital unveils v1.2.4, bringing significant enhancements across lending, borrowing, and more. The release offers improved stats, refined mobile layouts, and an exciting new feature: viewing other users' portfolios, adding a layer of transparency to the NFTfi experience.

June 27, 2023 by Illustrious

Wolf Capital, an innovative leader in the world of NFTfi, has released a new version of its platform, v1.2.4, bringing significant enhancements across the board. The release brings several notable feature releases, style improvements, mobile optimizations and performance gains.

View Other Portfolios!

Perhaps the most exciting feature in this release is the ability to view other users' portfolios when using Wolf Capital! This brings a level of transparency and comparability to the platform that can be beneficial for all users. The team is working with credit score providers in the ecosystem to display them alongside other user-specific stats, and linking them to user wallets around the site.

As a part of the launch, Wolf Capital has shared portfolio links of top lenders and borrowers:

Making Lending Simpler and More Transparent

The lending component of Wolf Capital’s platform has been split into a separate page for easier access and discovery. It is now more effortless than ever to break down total interest into interest and fees, which are currently waived! Excitingly, users will find new rewards displayed on the lending page as they place their offers.

Additionally, lender protection pop-ups have been implemented to warn users when lending under 40%, above 100%, and above 150% of the collection floor price. Furthermore, the offer amount pre-setting feature has been optimized, and the updating of wallet balances has been made faster. All these features can be accessed at https://app.wolfcap.io/lend.

Borrowing Made More Efficient

The borrowing aspect of the platform has also been split into a separate page for easier access. Total Interest now has a better breakdown of interest and protocol fees. Rewards are more intuitively displayed when borrowing, and offers are being properly checked for freshness and availability. Additionally, the platform now automatically hides frozen and listed NFTs when borrowing. These enhancements aim to make borrowing more seamless and can be accessed at https://app.wolfcap.io/borrow.

Updates on Liquidations and Portfolio

Liquidations at https://app.wolfcap.io/liquidations also received a facelift with improvements made to behavior and style. Moreover, the portfolio page, accessible at https://app.wolfcap.io/portfolio, now has more quick actions, with end dates and buttons highlighted when overdue.

Unveiling Enhanced Platform Stats

Wolf Capital's statistics interface, accessible at https://app.wolfcap.io/, has undergone crucial refinements. The 'Copy' and 'Download' buttons on the NFT Lending Volume summary have been made faster and more reliable. In addition, users are invited to use these features, share their experiences on Twitter, and participate in the numerous prize giveaways this week.

Rewards & DAOs

Wolf Capital has a rewards program that lets users & community members earn Wolf Points (WP) which can be redeemed for various Solana rewards. WP are distributed based on loyalty (delisted and royalty-paid NFTs), activity (Using Wolf Capital PFPs on Twitter and engaging with the community), and volume (those borrowing/lending).

Source: Wolf Cap

The community currently created 5 SubDAOs: MarcuWold DAO, New Sacred, Wolf Capital Business Development, Orange DAO, & Sports DAO. Each of these DAOs will play a crucial role in driving the adoption and growth of Wolf Capital, as the team will be able to drive the product and expand with these DAOs full support to make it the strongest product possible.

In conclusion, the v1.2.4 release by Wolf Capital heralds an exciting chapter in its development story. With noticeable upgrades to lending, borrowing, statistics, and portfolio pages, as well as major functionality enhancements, the platform is geared up to offer an even more seamless and engaging user experience. The special feature of viewing other users' portfolios stands out, paving the way for transparency and the creation of a more informed community of users.

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