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Toys R Us Release NFT Collection

Home-name toy retailer, Toys R Us, released an NFT collection on Solana in December. The collaboration with Anybodies is trying to bring fun back into NFTs.

December 10, 2022 by Illustrious

Classic toy retailer Toys R Us released an NFT collection on Solana back in December. The 10,000-piece collection was based on their mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe, and partnered with Anybodies to do so.

They launched with a 'blueprint' that detailed numerous elements that outlined what Toys R Us would set out to accomplish with their new collection.

One of the elements is offering an exclusive experience that includes access to flagship stores, shopping events, and other opportunities. There intends to be a 'Metastore' built around popular games, bringing the Toys R Us franchise to the metaverse.

They plan to also introduce a Toys R Us marketplace, where users could buy/sell/trade both physical and digital toys. Early access to special toys would be available for holders.

Toys R Us is also looking to collaborate with existing NFT projects for 'phygital' assets, bringing fun back into NFTs.

The partnership between Anybodies and Toys R us wants to create "next-gen toy ownership" for owners around the world by creating new and unique opportunities for holders of NFTs and physical toys alike.

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