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Top 5 Mad Lads NFT Sales Soar Beyond $120k

By: illustrious
April 24, 2023 10:20 AM EDT
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The Mad Lads NFT collection has been the talk of the town in the NFT community. After a dramatic and attention-grabbing launch, the collection's prices have skyrocketed, with the top five sales collectively exceeding a staggering $120,000. These remarkable sales figures highlight the strong market demand for the Mad Lads collection and showcase the impressive potential of Solana-based NFTs.

The Mad Lads Craze

Created by the Solana duo, Armani Ferrante and Tristan Yver, the Mad Lads NFT collection has gained immense popularity among collectors and investors. The internet-breaking launch of the project led to a surge in trading volumes and prices, with the Mad Lads collection having the highest 24-hour volume for multiple days across all ecosystems.

Source: Cryptoslam

The most sought-after Mad Lads NFTs have attracted high bids from collectors, resulting in staggering sales figures. The top five sales of these digital collectibles have totaled over $120,000, showcasing the strong market demand and willingness of investors to pay premium prices for the rarest and most desirable items.

Collectors Willing To Pay

The premiums paid on these highly sought-after Mad Lads are nothing to discard. With the highest sale being 2,000 SOL ($43,720 USD), the collector paid nearly a 30x premium on the collectible. Over 10 NFTs from the collection have been collected for 10x the floor's value, demonstrating a high demand for desirable Mad Lads NFTs.

Source: SolanaFloor


The impressive sales figures for the top five Mad Lads NFTs, exceeding $120,000, demonstrate the strong market demand for this collection and highlight the potential of Solana-based NFTs. Driven by hype, blockchain advantages, and unique design appeal, the Mad Lads collection has cemented its place in the NFT world. As the Solana ecosystem continues to grow, attracting more creators and users, the demand for digital collectibles on this platform will likely increase, offering exciting opportunities for investors and collectors alike.

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