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ThugGod's $1 Journey Through the Solana Ecosystem

By: illustrious
May 12, 2023 11:35 AM EDT
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ThugGod recently shared a fascinating Twitter thread highlighting a $1 guide to Solana. The thread showcases how a user can experience the Solana ecosystem with just one dollar of capital.

Here's a summary of the thread and the applications explored by ThugGod.

Jupiter Aggregator

ThugGod started with 0.049 Solana, which is equivalent to $1 at the current exchange rate. He loaded his Phantom wallet and began his journey with the Jupiter aggregator ( Here, he swapped a small portion of his Solana (0.001 SOL) for USDC, incurring a 0.004 transaction fee. After the swap, he was left with 0.04392 SOL.

Magic Eden Marketplace

Next, ThugGod ventured into the world of NFTs by purchasing a 'Chimera' from the DRiP Season 1 collection on the Magic Eden marketplace. The NFT cost 0.01 SOL, leaving him with a balance of 0.0317 SOL.

Burning the NFT

ThugGod then burned the Chimera NFT to get 0.01 SOL back, using the Phantom wallet's in-app burn option. For mass burning of (worthless) NFTs or tokens, he suggested using After burning the NFT, his balance increased to 0.0423 SOL.

Famous Foxes Raffle Platform

ThugGod participated in a raffle on the Famous Foxes platform (, purchasing a ticket worth 0.0135 SOL for a chance to win a Bonkz NFT. Including fees, the total cost came to 0.016 SOL, leaving him with a balance of 0.02547 SOL.

DeFi: Providing Liquidity on Orca

Finally, ThugGod ventured into decentralized finance (DeFi) by providing liquidity for a SOL/USDC pool on Orca ( Using the small amount of USDC acquired earlier, he matched it with 0.0018 SOL and completed the deposit. As a bonus, he even received a cool NFT.

After exploring these five applications, ThugGod had:

  • Swapped for USDC
  • Interacted with multiple NFTs
  • Purchased a raffle ticket for an NFT worth 0.6 SOL
  • Provided DeFi liquidity
  • Still had $0.25 left

ThugGod's $1 journey through the Solana ecosystem demonstrates the potential and accessibility of the platform. His experience is an excellent example of how one can explore the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies with minimal investment.

Always experimenting.

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