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Grails: Novel Feature for the Ultimate Okay Bears Collectors

Okay Bear unveils "Grails", its first feature under the Badges & Streaks initiative. Grails reward committed collectors who actively engage with our digital treasures. Watch out for badges like Diamond Hands, Ten Grams, Okay Cares, and All Furs!

June 15, 2023 by Illustrious

Okay Bear is excited to present its first-ever feature release under the Badges & Streaks initiative: Grails. This fresh new feature aims to celebrate and reward our devoted collectors who actively interact and hold onto our digital collectibles, irrespective of the dimensions or value of their portfolios. This article offers a comprehensive view of this feature and its implications.

Grails: Earn and Lose Based on Holding Activity

One of the defining elements of Grails is its dynamics. Rather than static rewards, Grails are earned and lost based on the holding activity of collectors. This ensures that Grails reward the most committed and loyal collectors who stand by their digital treasures.

The First Grails Set to Go Live

Over the next few weeks, Okay Bear will roll out the first of these coveted Grails. Each designed with unique objectives, they are sure to spark excitement and competition among collectors.


Diamond Hands is the badge of honor for collectors who hold one of every collection we'll EVER drop. To secure this grail, collectors must possess a bear, a founders' coin, and a boombox. Its value is expected to appreciate over time, a reward solely reserved for those with the true spirit of a collector, the ones with the most diamond of hands.


The Ten Grams grail is specially designed for coin enthusiasts. Collectors can earn this badge by holding any combination of bear drops - be it Founders Coins and/or Boomboxes - with a total weight of 10 grams.


Okay Cares is an exclusive badge awarded to collectors who resonate with our mission of spreading hope through art and code. Currently, it's held by only three collectors, which highlights its unique prestige.


The All Furs grail is considered the ultimate Grail - a tribute to those who hold at least one of each of the 19 fur traits. Moreover, for those daring enough to undertake this challenge, a 14 fur milestone grail is also available.

Exclusive Perks for Grail Holders

Owning Grails unlocks access to an exclusive table, where our most active collectors receive rewards that align with their belief in our vision and values. The first of these benefits includes significantly higher odds to secure our upcoming second BTC Ordinals drop.

Grails represent Okay Bear's commitment to recognising and rewarding the active participation and loyalty of our collectors. We hope our collectors will find the challenge and thrill they seek in this novel feature and continue to participate with as much, if not more, fervor as before.

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