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Step Finance Launches Solana Allstars and StepDAO

By: illustrious
April 17, 2023 3:11 PM EDT
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Step Finance, a leading analytics platform in the Solana ecosystem, has recently announced the launch of Solana Allstars and StepDAO. The launch marks a significant milestone for Step Finance, as it showcases the platform's commitment to further expand its services and user base. This article will delve into the features of Solana Allstars and StepDAO, and how they will revolutionize the Solana landscape.

Solana Allstars

Solana Allstars is a carefully curated program of in-person micro-events that will take place all around the world. Superfans are incentivized by various methods such as merch and referral codes to host meet-ups in their local city or town, which can consist of about 50-100 people. The meet-ups teach the attendees about Step's product and brand, how to use it, and additional general crypto education. It is an onboarding mechanic for Solana and Step Finance, aiming to increase Solana's adoption globally.

Key features of Solana Allstars include:

  • 50-100 people meet ups anywhere in the world hosted by the Solana Allstars community.
  • Solana ecosystem onboarding and education.
  • Distribution mechanic for partner products through increased visibility.
  • Events are organized and hosted by an Allstar.
  • Easily scalable without direct oversight and micromanaging.


StepDAO isn't your traditional DAO. StepDAO aims to create an active community through a hive of activity and productive work, by bringing new people into crypto through an array of value-adding bounties that let people get paid for building things. These bounties can be related to micro-tasks, regional focus on particular markets, and development.

Key features of StepDAO include:

  • One community for all Step Finance brands (SolanaFloor, Solana Crossroads, The Next Billion, Step Data Insights).
  • Increases throughput for the development of products within the Step ecosystem.
  • Increases community engagement.
  • Bounties are paid in $STEP tokens.

The impact of Solana Allstars and StepDAO

The launch of Solana Allstars and StepDAO marks an exciting new chapter for Step Finance, as it highlights the platform's continuous efforts to innovate and improve its offerings. By expanding its product portfolio and promoting community-driven initiatives, Step Finance is well-positioned to capture a large share of Solana's market and establish itself as a leading platform within the space.


The introduction of Solana Allstars and StepDAO reflects Step Finance's commitment to providing a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience for its customers. As the Solana ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, these innovative new offerings will likely play a crucial role in attracting new users and solidifying Step Finance's position as a key player in the Solana landscape.

Want to apply? Visit here to become a Solana Allstar.

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