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Star Atlas Unveils Escape Velocity: The Next Step in the Start Sequence Campaign

By: illustrious
April 26, 2023 10:18 AM EDT
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Star Atlas, the highly anticipated space-themed blockchain game, has announced the rebranding of the Star Atlas: Golden Era (SAGE) Movement Test as Escape Velocity, set to launch on April 26th. As a continuation of the Start Sequence Campaign launched last year, Escape Velocity will serve as a testing ground for SAGE's movement mechanics, with on-chain real-time mechanics live on the Solana mainnet.

Key Highlights

  • Escape Velocity testing ground for SAGE's real-time movement mechanics
  • Gamified testing with scanning and loot distribution mechanics
  • Players can participate by locking up ATLAS tokens to spawn ships
  • Loot pool divided into five tiers with varying drop rates
  • Tips shared during Townhall for improving loot chances

Escape Velocity: A Testing Ground for SAGE Mechanics

Running on the production-ready version of the Solana blockchain, Escape Velocity allows for a new level of on-chain logic not possible on other layer 1 blockchains. Gamifying the testing process, the Star Atlas team has implemented scanning and loot distribution mechanics, making it more enjoyable for the community while testing the underlying technology.

Participation Requirements and Economic Aspects

To participate, players need to lock up ATLAS tokens to spawn ships, connecting their wallets holding ATLAS tokens to the Star Atlas website. Withdrawal mechanics are yet to be announced. As players explore, they'll encounter a variety of loot ranging from resources to the rare Fimbul BYOS Tankship. While there is no SAGE economic loop yet, the team is closely monitoring the loot pool, allowing them to gather valuable data on player behavior.

Loot Tiers and Tips for Improving Loot Chances

The Escape Velocity loot table is divided into five tiers, each with its unique set of assets and drop rates. To improve loot chances, players are advised to explore areas with fewer players and coordinate with guild members to ensure successful pickups.

The Future of SAGE After Escape Velocity

Following Escape Velocity, the Star Atlas team will focus on resource extraction and crafting, including mining operations and the crafting of major assets like ships. As the game's core loops are incrementally released, players can expect exciting developments as Star Atlas continues to build its immersive and expansive universe.

Always experimenting.

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