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Star Atlas' "Never Alone": An Immersive Journey of Friendship and Discovery

By: illustrious
May 12, 2023 7:56 AM EDT
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Welcome to the immersive world of Star Atlas, a space exploration game that introduces players to the depths of the universe. Star Atlas' first-ever social campaign, "Never Alone," takes players on a year-long journey through a series of missions and choices. With unique in-game assets and rewards at stake, players embark on a shared adventure to uncover the secrets of the Star Atlas universe and the enigmatic past of their new friend, Saand.

Journey with Saand: The Heart of the Campaign

The core of the "Never Alone" campaign is the story of the player and Saand, a memoryless Punaab, who becomes stranded on a desert planet following a ship crash. Together, the player and Saand journey across the Galia Expanse, seeking ways to recover Saand's memory. This expedition leads them to the heart of the Star Atlas universe, where they uncover hidden secrets and treasures.

The Neuro Scanner and Zealy Platform: Tracking Progress and Uncovering Truth

As players complete missions with Saand, their progress is tracked on the Neuro Scanner, powered by the Zealy platform. The platform allows players to monitor the recovery of Saand's memories, as well as view the list of activities needed to discover the truth about the Punaab.

The Four Missions: Delving into Saand's Past

The journey through the Star Atlas underworld consists of four missions, each representing a different aspect of Saand's past. Each mission comes with its own quests and lore, revealing fragments of Saand's memories and expanding on the Star Atlas universe. To advance through the mission, players must complete these quests, with progress tracked on the Zealy platform.

Memories: The Digital Assets

Memories are digital assets that form the basis of the "Never Alone" campaign. Players collect glimpses, fragments, and revelations of Saand's past as they progress through the missions. With four arcs in the journey, players can acquire four sets of memories, each revealing a different aspect of Saand's enigmatic past.

Trading Memories: Choices and Consequences

Players have the option to trade their memories in the Galactic Marketplace or use them to complete the main quest. The tier and number of Saand Story digital assets collected determine the player's performance in the missions, which directly impacts the choices they must make at the end of the adventure.


Star Atlas' "Never Alone" campaign offers a unique, immersive experience for players as they explore the depths of the Star Atlas universe and uncover the mysterious past of their Punaab friend, Saand. The journey is filled with choices and consequences, as players must decide how to use the memories they collect along the way. With a captivating storyline, engaging gameplay, and the opportunity to acquire unique digital assets, "Never Alone" promises an unforgettable adventure for all who embark on this quest.

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