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Solana's Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Boom: A Look into Helium and Hivemapper's Growth

By: illustrious
May 5, 2023 12:33 PM EDT
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The world of decentralized technologies is witnessing an impressive growth of decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN) on the Solana blockchain. Innovative projects like Helium, Hivemapper, and the upcoming Render are leveraging Solana's fee structure and speed to disrupt their respective domains. Through on-chain analysis created by Twitter user Jack, we explore the growth and adoption trends of Helium and Hivemapper, two leading DePIN projects on Solana.

Helium's Explosive Growth

Helium, a decentralized application that rewards users for deploying physical infrastructure to provide internet connectivity, has experienced tremendous growth since April 18th. Over 740,000 Helium NFTs have been minted on Solana in less than a month, representing physical devices offering 5G bandwidth and IoT connectivity. Additionally, over 300,000 wallets have migrated from the Helium blockchain to Solana, further emphasizing Solana's potential as the go-to platform for DePIN projects.

Source: DePIN on Solana

Hivemapper's Rising Adoption

Our analysis of Hivemapper, a decentralized application that rewards users for deploying dashcams and sharing footage to create high-resolution maps, reveals promising growth trends on Solana. Approximately 6.4K wallets have held Honey tokens since November 2022, with about half of these users receiving tokens for the first time since March. The Honey token's price has been on an uptrend since mid-April, reflecting growing demand for the token.

Source: DePIN on Solana


The DePIN On-Chain Analytics Dashboard provides valuable insights into Helium and Hivemapper's performance, growth, and adoption on Solana. The data analyzed highlights the rapid expansion and increasing interest in DePIN projects, as evidenced by the soaring number of NFTs minted, wallet migrations, and growing user base. Both projects showcase the potential of leveraging Solana's fee structure and speed for DePIN projects, with increasing signs of acceleration in user adoption and network activity.

As decentralized technology continues to evolve, it is crucial to stay informed and monitor these trends closely. The DePIN On-Chain Analytics Dashboard aims to provide users with data-driven insights to understand and navigate this emerging landscape. By staying ahead of the curve, users can capitalize on opportunities and contribute to the growth of decentralized physical infrastructure networks, shaping the future of DePIN on Solana and beyond.

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