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We NEED A Solana Baby Shower to Celebrate Toly's Third Child

Celebrate Toly's new baby with a Solana baby shower, a fusion of blockchain tech and traditional celebration. Send NFTs, tokens, and messages to a digital wallet, opened by the child at 18, serving as a proof of history and uniting the Solana community in a novel, heartwarming way.

June 14, 2023 by Illustrious

The birth of a baby often brings joy, cheer, and a feeling of unity, along with a reason to celebrate. As we find ourselves in an age where cryptocurrency, blockchain, and distributed ledger technologies have become integral to our society, it makes sense to blend these innovations into our social and celebratory traditions. Thus, the idea of a crypto baby shower for Toly, the CEO of Solana, arises - a forward-thinking concept with potential to become a new age tradition.

Solana is renowned for being a decentralized blockchain that offers fast, secure, and scalable crypto solutions. This article proposes a unique idea where Solana users and enthusiasts worldwide would join forces to celebrate the birth of Toly's third child. And what better way to commemorate this special occasion than by creating a digital wallet for the newborn that can be filled with tokens, NFTs, memos, and more.

A Unique Gift for the Future

As unique and cutting-edge as the technology that the baby's father heads, the digital wallet would be a first-of-its-kind gift. Solana's community would send historic NFTs, messages with Famous Fox Federation's 'DING!', and other digital assets to this wallet, to be opened by the child on their 18th birthday.

This represents not only a financial investment in the child's future but also provides a cultural and historical snapshot of the time when they were born. They'll be able to delve into a trove of messages and digital assets from people around the world who were actively involved in Solana at the time of their birth.

Blockchain as a Proof of History

Beyond the financial advantages, this crypto baby shower also stands as a demonstration of the utility of blockchain as a proof of history (proof of history mechanism on a PoH consensus). The immutable nature of blockchain technology ensures that these contributions, messages, and assets will be preserved for years to come. The child will have a personal, public ledger, which provides a unique look back at the state of crypto and world events from when they were born.

The Cultural Significance and Potential Mainstream Impact

Hosting a Solana baby shower would be a testament to the unity of the Solana community, showcasing a collective celebration that transcends borders and traditional limitations.

Furthermore, such a novel event could attract significant mainstream attention, contributing to the growing acceptance and understanding of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. The societal implications of this form of celebration are far-reaching, opening the door for a new generation of digitally-native events.


The crypto baby shower presents an innovative blend of traditional celebration with the futuristic possibilities that blockchain technology offers. As we congratulate Toly on the birth of his third child, we should also commend this event for its potential to revolutionize how we celebrate milestones, promote unity, and record our history for future generations.

May the baby shower of Toly's child become a memorable moment in the Solana community and the world of blockchain, encouraging us all to embrace technology in the most meaningful aspects of our lives.

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