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Solana Mobile's Chapter Two Achieves 30,000 Preorders: Is This the Start of an Era Challenging Apple and Google's App Store Monopoly?

Solana Mobile's latest device, Chapter Two, reaches a groundbreaking 30,000 preorders in 30 hours, signaling a potential shift in the mobile market and challenging the long-standing app store dominance of tech giants Apple and Google.

January 19, 2024 by Sheldon

In a stunning display of market enthusiasm, Solana Mobile has announced a remarkable achievement for its latest product, the Solana Mobile Chapter Two. Within just 30 hours of opening preorders, the company has secured 30,000 orders, surpassing the entire year's sales of its predecessor, the Solana Saga.

Raj Gokal, Co-Founder of Solana, expressed his excitement and optimism, stating, "We outsold one year of Saga sales in 24 hours. We are 30% toward our 100k goal in just 30 hours." The response has been overwhelming, with the company receiving 500-1,000 orders per hour. 

This achievement has set a new benchmark in the mobile industry, with the Solana Mobile Two now boasting more orders than the Apple Vision Pro. Toly, Co-Founder of Solana, emphasized the mission behind their product on Twitter: "We do not need to sell a billion Solana mobile devices. We just need to sell enough to force the duopoly to change their policies. It only takes one non-faulty operator to change the equilibrium in a free market."

Solana Mobile Chapter Two's launch follows the Solana Saga's unprecedented success. This limited edition smartphone, with a supply of 20,000 units, sold out in a few months. It marked a significant milestone in integrating mobile technology with blockchain, which has set the stage for the next chapter in Solana's journey.

Dubbed "#Chapter2," the Solana Mobile Two is not just an upgrade but a revolution in making web3 technologies more accessible. With a reasonable initial preorder deposit of $450, Solana Mobile is committed to breaking down barriers in technology accessibility. The price covers the phone's total cost, excluding taxes, shipping, and fees.

The Solana community is rallying behind this initiative, which aims to challenge the app store duopoly dominated by Apple and Google. This movement is not just about selling a smartphone; it is about changing the landscape of mobile technology and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with blockchain integration.

The tech world watches closely as Solana Mobile moves towards its goal of 100,000 preorders. The success of Solana Mobile Chapter Two could be a significant step in reshaping the mobile industry and bringing the potential of web3 to a broader audience.

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