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Solana Mobile Chapter Two Pre-Orders Rewarded with $MEW Airdrop Covering Over 50% of Phone Cost

Solana Mobile's Chapter Two pre-orders see a surprise airdrop of $MEW tokens, mirroring the Saga phone's success and showcasing the power of Web3 community support.

April 2, 2024 by Sheldon

Solana Mobile customers who pre-ordered the Chapter Two smartphone were delighted by a surprise airdrop of 37,600 $MEW tokens (worth approximately $250). This generous reward, covering over 55% of the phone's cost, came from the creators of the popular meme coin $MEW. The unexpected airdrop adds to the excitement surrounding Solana Mobile's innovative blockchain-integrated smartphones.

The impressive response to the Chapter Two pre-order campaign echoes the success of the limited edition Solana Saga phone. With a limited supply of 20k, the Saga phone quickly sold out after bundled $BONK tokens skyrocketed in value, surpassing the phone's actual cost. This fueled enthusiasm for Solana Mobile's continued journey into the Web3 space.

The Saga phone's success sparked a ripple effect within the Solana ecosystem. Dozens of Solana-based dApps and meme coins followed suit, offering airdrops to Saga holders. This demonstrated a powerful new avenue for hyper-growth and marketing within the web3 landscape, highlighting the potential for collaboration and cross-promotion.

The Chapter Two smartphone is expected to ship in the first half of 2025, promising to challenge the app store duopoly with its decentralized app store (dApp store). Solana Mobile is committed to providing users with a more decentralized, secure, and user-focused mobile experience. Similar to the Saga phone, the Chapter Two is already witnessing a surge in airdrop activity, suggesting an accelerated growth trajectory for Solana Mobile as this trend continues.

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