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Solana Degen Wins $49k With BONK's New Game, Silicon Valley BONK

Silicon Valley BONK (SVB), built on Solana, is revolutionizing crypto gaming. Aim: be the last to buy a 6.9 million BONK key to unlock a vault & win. Keys reset the timer, heightening suspense. Funds from key purchases are strategically distributed, with a portion as rebate, keeping players engaged.

August 2, 2023 by Illustrious

Silicon Valley BONK (SVB), the latest game from BONK, is making waves in the crypto world for its unique gaming mechanism. Built on the Solana blockchain, SVB offers an unparalleled on-chain gaming experience that promises transparency and a grand prize that is turning heads.

The Game Mechanism

The objective of SVB is straightforward: players aim to be the last one to purchase a key, which will unlock the vault and allow them to claim the grand prize. Each key is priced at a whopping 6.9 million BONK, and there's no limit to the number of keys a player can purchase. However, there's a twist: each key is soulbound, meaning it's non-transferable and linked uniquely to the purchasing wallet.

The game gets more thrilling as the end approaches. For every key bought within the last minute, the game timer resets to a full minute, ensuring a nail-biting finish.

Funding Allocation

Every time a key is purchased, the funds get distributed in a specific manner:

  • 65% goes directly to the game winner.
  • 25% serves as a rebate and is proportionally divided among all key holders.
  • 10% gets channeled to BONK's various initiatives: BONK DAO, BONK Lockups, and BONK Activities.

The Unique Rebate Mechanism

SVB introduces an innovative fee rebate system that engages players long after their initial purchase. The more keys you own, the bigger your cut from the 25% rebate from every key purchase. There's an option for players to buy up to 420 keys at a go, which reduces the game timer by an hour (though the final hour is sacrosanct).

A unique feature is how rebates are distributed across games. For instance, in the fifth game, key holders from Games 1, 2, 3, and 4 would each get 1/5 of the fees as a rebate, ensuring continued engagement and benefits from future games. Game 1 will have a slightly varied mechanism with immediate rebates on key purchases. It's only from Game 2 onwards that the earlier game key holders start receiving their share of rebates.

The First Winner

The inaugural game of SVB concluded with a bang as the first winner bagged a staggering 144 million BONK, equivalent to $49k, with just 4 tickets. A tweet from the winner, which can be found here, showcases the thrill and excitement of this new gaming venture.

In Conclusion

Silicon Valley BONK (SVB) is not just another blockchain game. It's a combination of strategy, luck, and smart investments. With its unique mechanism and transparent processes, it's expected to gain more traction in the crypto gaming community. Those interested in participating should familiarize themselves with the game's rules and disclaimers to make an informed decision.

Stay tuned to BONK for more thrilling updates on SVB and other initiatives!

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