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Solana Community Rejoices as BONK Coin Celebrates First Anniversary with New Airdrop

BONK commemorates its first anniversary with '12 Days of BONKmas', offering loyal holders a series of engaging activities and exclusive rewards.

December 11, 2023 by Sheldon

As BONK, the number one meme coin on Solana and a top 100 coin by market capitalization, approaches its first anniversary, the community is set for a grand celebration with the "12 Days of BONKmas" and a special anniversary airdrop. This celebration comes a year after BONK's impactful debut airdrop, which significantly lifted the spirits of the Solana community during a challenging bear market in 2022.

 The "12 Days of BONKmas" event is a tribute to the loyal and active BONK community members who have contributed to its growth and success. BONK's rise to prominence as a leading meme coin reflects its strong position in the crypto space, particularly within the Solana ecosystem. BONK has solidified its status this year, boasting over 680K unique holders and more than 300 partnerships, demonstrating its expansive reach and utility.

 To participate in the BONKmas rewards, members must set up a BONKmas Profile using wallets that held a minimum of 1 million $BONK as of November 30th. This process includes linking the profile to a Twitter account and adding eligible wallets. 

 The event features the "Naughty or Nice" list, allowing members to engage in various BONK activities and potentially maximize their rewards. The celebration commemorates the coin's first year and signifies BONK's role in unifying and energizing the Solana community during a critical period.

 Participants can track their progress with updates provided on the 18th and 23rd of December. The BONKmas activities are designed to highlight the diverse applications within the BONK ecosystem, from DeFi to gaming and art, underscoring the coin's versatility and appeal.

 The Solana community is jubilantly celebrating the announcement of the upcoming airdrop. This news has sparked widespread excitement, showcasing the unity and enthusiasm BONK has instilled in the community as it celebrates its first anniversary.


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