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Sanctum Launches 'Wonderland' Loyalty Program to Turbocharge Adoption of Liquid Staking on Solana

Users can collect digital pets, level them up, and participate in community quests to boost rewards in this innovative new program.

April 29, 2024 by Sheldon

Sanctum, a Solana-based DeFi protocol, has unveiled an innovative new gamified loyalty program called 'Wonderland.'  This follows on the heels of both a successful $6.1M seed round extension in early April and a decisive victory in the second round of Jupiter's LFG Launchpad voting, where it secured 146,758,089 votes (64% of the total).  Founded in 2021, Sanctum has been a key player in developing liquid staking infrastructure on Solana. The team's mission is to drive the expansion of the infinite-LST future on the blockchain.

Wonderland's design aligns with a common approach in Web3 loyalty programs, which are often used as a mechanism for the decentralized distribution of a protocol's governance token. By rewarding user participation through engaging gameplay, Sanctum could be laying the groundwork for a future airdrop of its $CLOUD token to Wonderland participants. Some community members are even drawing comparisons to the sizable airdrop distributed by Jito Labs (JTO) in 2023. While Sanctum has not made any official announcements regarding an airdrop, the potential for such a reward is certainly adding to the excitement surrounding Wonderland.

Wonderland Season 1

Wonderland Season 1. offers a unique way for users to interact with Sanctum's decentralized finance ecosystem. Key features include:

  • Pet Collection: Participants can collect unique digital pets linked to specific liquid staking tokens (LSTs) by holding at least 0.1 SOL worth of the corresponding LST.
  • Experience Points (EXP): Pets earn EXP by simply holding their corresponding LST, giving users an incentive to stake tokens.
  • Leveling and Evolution: Pets level up as they accrue EXP. They can reach a maximum level of 999 and have the capability to evolve.
  • EXP Multipliers: Community Quests provide reward multipliers for specific pets, increasing their EXP earning rate temporarily.
  • Community Quests:  A collaborative feature, these Quests present tasks and puzzles for users to solve together for Multipliers.
  • Referral Cupcakes: Users earn Referral EXP from others joining with their unique code. These Referral EXPs can be redeemed for 'Cupcakes' that provide bonus EXP at the end of the season.

Building the Infinite-LST Future

Sanctum offers user-friendly LSTs with zero fees. It has collaborated with DeFi partners like Jupiter and Helius labs to expand staking options. Sanctum's technology also powers leading liquid staking tokens.

Wonderland adds a layer of engagement, incentivizing loyalty and participation within the Sanctum ecosystem. The program underscores Sanctum's commitment to boosting the adoption of liquid staking across Solana, enabling greater DeFi participation within the blockchain.

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