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Sanctum Announces $CLOUD Airdrop with Linear Distribution, Launch Set for July 18th

Sanctum's governance token airdrop aims to reward true community participation while deterring sybil attacks.

July 10, 2024 by Sheldon

The much-anticipated airdrop of Sanctum's governance token, $CLOUD, will launch on July 18th on Jupiter's LFG launchpad. Sanctum has opted for a linear distribution model for the airdrop, a strategy aimed at combating the persistent issue of Sybil attacks in the crypto space.

Sybil attacks involve users creating multiple accounts to gain a disproportionate share of airdropped tokens, typically by making small deposits across many wallets. Linear distribution, which allocates tokens directly proportional to a user's contribution, serves as a countermeasure to such tactics.

Sanctum has provided additional reasons for their choice of linear distribution, stating that "someone who put in 1 SOL is not inherently better or more deserving than someone who put in 100,000 SOL." They believe this model rewards capital contributors relatively while also acknowledging contributions made in other ways.

Gs Iq C D0a Uam Ga9gWonderland EXP distribution per Wallet (Data by Sanctum)

The project shared statistics highlighting the distribution of Wonderland EXP (Experience Points), which determine airdrop allocations. A total of 314,367 wallets participated, accumulating 2.5 trillion EXP. Notably, the top 1% of wallets earned 73.6% of all EXP, while the top 10% earned 94.01%.

Identifying & Eliminating Sybils

Sanctum's efforts to combat Sybil attacks included partnering with Allium Labs to identify suspicious wallets and create a verification process through Sanctum Profiles. These efforts led to the blacklisting of 61,181 wallets, roughly 20% of the total.

Timeline for $CLOUD Launch

  • Monday, July 15th: A practical guide detailing the launch process will be released.
  • Tuesday, July 16th: The Jupiter Launchpad (LFG) site will go live, and users will be able to check their eligibility and allocation for the $CLOUD airdrop.
  • Thursday, July 18th: $CLOUD will officially launch, enabling users to claim their airdrop and begin trading.

There has been recent discussion about the potential decline of the airdrop meta in the crypto industry.

Several prior airdrops on the LFG platform, including Uprock and Sharky, have underperformed after launch, raising questions about the long-term viability of this approach. It will be interesting to see how the $CLOUD airdrop fares and whether user feedback and sentiment when the allocation checker goes live on July 16th will influence the future direction of airdrops. Depending on its success, this event could redefine the airdrop meta.

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