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Saga's dApp Store Pressures Apple to Embrace Crypto

By: illustrious
May 22, 2023 9:32 AM EDT
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In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the app market is experiencing a significant disruption. This upheaval is driven by decentralized platforms like Saga's dApp Store on the Solana network, which champions crypto-friendly policies and provides a stark contrast to the traditional marketplaces like Apple's App Store.

A Stepn The Right Direction

9 days after the Saga Smartphone launch, the blockchain game Axie Infinity announced its availability on Apple's App Store, indicating a potential shift in Apple's stance towards blockchain-based mobile games. Following this, Stepn, a blockchain-powered fitness app, made headlines today by declaring that users could buy and sell its digital assets without leaving the app, marking a significant departure from existing policies.

Apple's App Store, however, has long been criticized for its policies, which some consider hostile, particularly for blockchain-based applications. Its requirement for app developers to relinquish 30% of transaction revenues has been a point of contention. This fee can be burdensome, considering digital assets' potential to accrue substantial worth, reaching into thousands or even millions of dollars.

The Saga of App Stores

Contrastingly, the Saga's dApp Store, a decentralized application marketplace on the Solana network, introduces a different approach. It refrains from charging developers a 30% fee and instead promotes a peer-to-peer transaction model, thus bypassing middlemen. This feeless structure is attractive to developers and users alike, aligning more closely with the ethos of decentralization.

Furthermore, Saga's dApp store provides a platform for a wide range of crypto applications, including NFT marketplaces, DeFi products, wallets, games, and more. It removes the need for crypto apps to hide within in-app browsers, encouraging them to fully exploit the power of mobile for web3 development.

The Future of In-Store Marketplaces

While Apple has made some concessions towards blockchain integration, the Saga dApp Store represents a future where developers and users can interact directly, free from fees, censorship, and restrictions. Its innovative use of blockchain technology offers a compelling alternative to traditional app stores and could inspire other tech giants, like Apple, to adopt more crypto-friendly policies.

As Apple navigates its way forward, its approach towards blockchain and cryptocurrency will likely face increasing scrutiny. As companies like Stepn break ground on the App Store, and Saga pioneers a new, decentralized app marketplace model, Apple may find itself at a crossroads, having to reconsider its stance or risk being left behind in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology.

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