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Raydium V3 Launches in Beta, Aims to Upgrade Solana's Top DEX

Solana's top DEX gets a major overhaul, promising faster trades, a mobile-friendly interface, and streamlined features.

March 29, 2024 by Sheldon

After much anticipation, Raydium, the dominant decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Solana blockchain, has released its V3 Beta. Raydium claims this major update will bring a sleek interface, faster performance, and a focus on mobile usability.

Addressing Past Limitations

Regular Raydium users may have noticed its user experience (UX) struggling to keep up with the rapid growth of Solana's DeFi scene. V3 aims to be a comprehensive overhaul, addressing past performance issues and adding new features.

With over 200,000 trading pools created since December 2023 and Solana hitting all-time highs in transaction volume, Raydium V3's timing is crucial for handling increased demand.

Promised Improvements

Raydium asserts that a completely rebuilt backend will eliminate sluggishness and boost capacity. Mobile users are promised a dramatically improved experience with an optimized interface and streamlined wallet integration.

Security Emphasis

Raydium has engaged Mad Shield, a Solana Smart Contract Auditing and Security Services, to audit its updated AMM system. It's also partnering with Immunefi on a $505,000 bug bounty program to encourage further security analysis. Despite past UX challenges, Raydium remains dominant, with $15.7B in trading volume in March alone. The V3 revamp has the potential to further solidify Raydium's position as the primary choice for Solana-based decentralized finance.

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