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Player-Driven Economy Takes Off in Star Atlas: POLIS and ATLAS Tokens Trending

Star Atlas shifts towards a player-driven economy with key measures like increased R4 resource output and availability of Claim Stakes, causing a rise in POLIS and ATLAS tokens. The transition sets a new era in gaming and blockchain tech.

June 9, 2023 by Illustrious

Star Atlas, the emerging virtual space metaverse, has seen a major shift towards a fully player-driven economy. After reintroducing ATLAS market pairs for spaceships into the Galactic Marketplace, the transition is advancing rapidly. This evolution is being powered by a series of crucial measures implemented to help players reap benefits and adapt to this change. The result is a notable trend in Star Atlas tokens, POLIS and ATLAS.

The first among these measures is a significant increase in the output of four key resources from Claim Stakes—ammo, food, fuel, and toolkits, collectively known as R4. To make Claim Stakes more accessible, half of the remaining supply has been listed for primary sales in the ATLAS market pair with a 20% discount, replicating the recent strategy employed for spaceship sales.

Another major step is the increase in R4 resource loot drops from on-chain player activity in SAGE: Escape Velocity, a Solana-based showcase of space movement gameplay. The amount of R4 resources in discovered loot drops will see an almost eightfold baseline surge. This will benefit players by helping them replenish the in-game resources consumed in the Faction Fleet.

To ensure a smooth transition, the unlimited quantity of R4 resources will no longer be sold by the Star Atlas DAO in the Galactic Marketplace. However, an equivalent of a 30-day supply for Faction Fleet ships will remain available for sale until depletion.

These changes have been put in place to shape the transition to a sustainable player-driven economy and to fine-tune the dynamics of supply and demand. The substantial increases in generated R4 resources have been optimized for a balanced economy, providing players with myriad opportunities in the evolving gameplay economy.

Claim Stakes are now gaining direct economic utility in the gameplay ecosystem, maintaining their resource generation functionality throughout the transition period. These stakes, potentially acquired by participating in the ReBirth campaign or other campaigns in 2022/23, serve as an important asset for players. You can check your inventory directly on Play.StarAtlas.com to see if you have any Claim Stakes, which can then be put to use to generate resources in the Faction Claims app.

However, there's an update on the availability of resources: due to enormous user purchases, the finite supply of resources directly available from the Star Atlas DAO has been depleted.

Overall, these developments have contributed to the rising trend of Star Atlas's native tokens, POLIS and ATLAS. The Star Atlas metaverse, powered by its decentralized economic model, is setting the stage for an exciting new era of gaming and blockchain technology. As Star Atlas continues to grow and adapt its economy, players can look forward to more exciting developments, greater control, and increased benefits.

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