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Phantom and Layer3 Team Up to Foster Growth on the Solana Ecosystem

Layer3, a leading dApp platform, is now live on Solana, partnering with Phantom wallet. The move brings Layer3's features to Solana's users and fosters growth within the Solana ecosystem.

July 10, 2023 by Illustrious

The Solana ecosystem has taken another step forward in promoting seamless user engagement and blockchain integration. Layer3, the leading platform for exploring dApps, has officially gone live on Solana. In an exciting development for the Solana community, Phantom, the top wallet for Solana with over 3 million users, has partnered with Layer3 to enhance the Solana user experience.

Expanding Ecosystems: Layer3 Meets Solana

Layer3 has been steadily expanding into new ecosystems and chains, responding to feedback from their community and adopting a responsive growth model. The integration with Solana, a frequently requested chain, has been part of Layer3's product roadmap since 2022. The launch on Solana signifies a major milestone for Layer3 and reflects their commitment to supporting diverse blockchain platforms.

Partnering with Phantom: Enriching the Solana Experience

Phantom has emerged as the leading wallet on Solana, with its user-friendly interface and robust features attracting more than 3 million users. Layer3's partnership with Phantom aims to further enrich the Solana ecosystem. Phantom will enable Solana users to easily connect their wallets to Layer3 and complete quests on the Solana network, providing an engaging way for users to explore the capabilities of the Solana chain.

Getting Started: Exploring Solana with Layer3

New to Solana and Layer3? Navigating this newly integrated ecosystem is straightforward. Solana users trying Layer3 for the first time can simply click "Connect Wallet" to begin and can explore a collection of Solana Quests under the Solana category. Layer3's discord community is readily available for users who need help or have queries about the process.

Conversely, Layer3 users who are new to Solana can onboard by creating a Phantom wallet. This will open a plethora of possibilities, as they can explore popular Solana applications such as Magic Eden, Famous Foxes, Orca, and Tensor.

The Future of Solana on Layer3

The partnership between Phantom and Layer3 marks a significant step in the continuous growth and development of the Solana ecosystem. Layer3 provides a comprehensive platform for users to experience the best of Solana and its diverse array of applications. With Phantom as their official launch partner, Layer3 plans to work diligently to promote the advancement of the Solana ecosystem.

This collaboration underscores both companies' commitment to advancing the blockchain industry and making it accessible for everyone. As the Solana community expands, partnerships like this are essential to create a user-friendly and dynamic environment for both new and seasoned blockchain enthusiasts.

"We're excited to continue working with Phantom as our partner to move the Solana ecosystem forward," Layer3 announced. This is only the beginning, and the Solana community can look forward to more developments that will further enhance user experience and engagement on the platform.

To stay updated and get started with Layer3 on Solana, visit the official website.

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