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Parcl Accelerates Global Real Estate Investment with City Index Expansion

Blockchain-powered real estate platform, Parcl, broadens its city index offering with the addition of Austin, TX. The move strengthens Parcl's mission to democratize real estate investment, offering high liquidity, minimal fees, and a diversified portfolio to global investors.

June 15, 2023 by Illustrious

Parcl, a pioneer in blockchain-driven real estate trading, is paving the way for more diversified investment opportunities in the real estate sector. In a recent announcement, the firm declared the integration of Austin, TX, into its growing list of tradable city indexes. This expansion closely follows the recent additions of Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, Denver, Portland, and Washington, D.C., effectively doubling the platform's offering to investors.

By unlocking investment in entire city residential real estate markets, Parcl brings high-demand markets such as New York, Los Angeles, and Miami within reach of its users. This unique approach merges the traditional real estate sector with decentralized finance (DeFi), expanding the accessibility and diversification opportunities for investors worldwide.

The inclusion of Austin, recognized as one of the fastest-growing housing markets in the U.S., aligns with Parcl's mission to provide a wide range of high-potential markets to traders. The addition takes the total of dynamic tradable markets on the platform to 16, further endorsing Parcl's objective of democratizing real estate investment on a global scale.

Parcl CEO and co-founder, Trevor Bacon, emphasizes the significance of this expansion, "Real estate is the largest asset class globally, representing the most significant investment for many individuals. Yet, it traditionally suffers from low liquidity and high entry barriers." The recent growth and expansion illustrate Parcl's commitment to tackle these challenges, making diverse and burgeoning markets more accessible to traders.

Built on the Solana blockchain – renowned for its capacity to support decentralized, scalable applications – Parcl is poised to revolutionize real estate trades in real time. The platform's notable growth since its February inception indicates a pressing market need for innovative approaches to real estate investment.

In line with Parcl's aim to broaden market access and user engagement, Bacon stated, "Austin's integration provides traders with another dynamic real estate market to diversify their portfolio. Our growth, reflected in record levels of user activity, open interest, and trading volume, demonstrates Parcl's ability to meet evolving investor demands."

As part of its future plans, Parcl aims to incorporate more North American cities in the near term, with the ambition to include global cities soon after. This strategic growth aligns with Parcl's aspiration to become the go-to platform for global real estate trading, adhering to its core mission of making real estate investing universally accessible.

Parcl's design resonates with the contemporary investor's needs, offering high liquidity, minimal transaction fees, and no minimum investment requirements. Through Parcl, trading real estate indexes becomes as seamless as trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, underscoring the company's commitment to redefine the norms of real estate investment.

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