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NBC Sports Partners With Solana's Photo Finish™ LIVE for a 3D Simulation of the Kentucky Derby

By: illustrious
May 7, 2023 12:00 PM EDT
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NBC Sports, in partnership with Third Time Games, has announced that it will once again feature a 3D simulation of the Kentucky Derby as part of its live coverage of the historic race. The simulation, which will be created using Third Time Games' virtual horse racing platform Photo Finish™ LIVE, is expected to provide millions of viewers at home with a realistic glimpse of the prestigious horse race.

Just like last year's Kentucky Derby broadcast, which was watched by over 16 million viewers, this year's coverage will once again introduce millions of viewers to the world of virtual horse racing through Third Time Games' generated 3D simulation of the iconic 'Run for the Roses.' The simulation will include a virtual 3D representation of both the Churchill Downs track and the 20 horses set to take part in the race.

Launched by Third Time Games CEO and Founder Ian Cummings and his gaming development team in 2021, Photo Finish™ LIVE is a state-of-the-art virtual horse racing gaming platform that has revolutionized the Web3 gaming space. The platform has democratized racehorse ownership, enabling players across the globe to own, race, sell, and even breed their very own virtual racehorses, all for real money rewards.

With Photo Finish™ LIVE, Third Time Games has created an innovative platform that has been deemed 'As Real as It Gets.' Players have participated in thousands of virtual horse races that look nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. Virtual racehorses on the platform have recently been purchased on the open market for upward of six figures, a testament to the future of the innovative platform itself and that of web3 gaming.

Third Time Games CEO and Founder Cummings believes that the continued collaboration between NBC Sports and Third Time Games represents an exciting new chapter in the world of horse racing and virtual entertainment. He said, "This continued collaboration not only enables us to provide millions watching NBC's live broadcast of the Kentucky Derby with a 3D simulation of the action before the race but affords another opportunity for Third Time Games to showcase what our virtual horse racing game Photo Finish™ LIVE is capable of on the biggest horse racing stage in the world. Generating a 3D simulation of this year's Kentucky Derby to be seen by millions of viewers will only further bridge the gap between the physical and virtual world of horse racing, and we can't wait to give fans a glimpse of what's possible."

In conclusion, the partnership between NBC Sports and Third Time Games, which has been ongoing since 2022, is set to continue to provide horse racing fans with a unique and innovative viewing experience. By showcasing the capabilities of the virtual horse racing platform Photo Finish™ LIVE to millions of viewers, the partnership represents a significant step forward for the world of horse racing and virtual entertainment.

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