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Nansen Adds Support for Tensor as It Continues Expansion into Solana's Ecosystem

Nansen now supports Tensor on its Solana dashboards, offering richer insights into the Solana NFT market. Users can now track top collections, discern 'smart money' trends, and leverage in-depth market analysis for smarter trading decisions.

June 16, 2023 by Illustrious

In a significant development for NFT enthusiasts, Nansen, a prominent analytics platform, has declared its support for Tensor across its various Solana dashboards. This move paves the way for richer insights into the burgeoning Solana NFT market, allowing traders, collectors, and investors to delve deeper into their analytical journey.

The integration of Tensor within Nansen's Solana dashboards significantly enhances users' abilities to make informed decisions about their involvement in the NFT market. Whether one is a seasoned trader, a first-time buyer, or an inquisitive observer, this expansion presents a comprehensive panorama of trading patterns, behaviors, and tendencies on the Solana network.

Nansen's decision to incorporate Tensor was welcomed with enthusiastic acclaim from the Solana community. Solana, an innovative blockchain platform, has steadily risen in prominence for its high-speed, low-cost transactions, and its ever-growing NFT ecosystem. The inclusion of Tensor into Nansen's Solana dashboards hence brings into synergy two potent forces in the NFT arena.

With this addition, users can now access in-depth insights into the top five collections trading on Tensor over the past 30 days. This information allows participants to keep up-to-date with trending collections, understand their potential, and consequently, strategize their investments. It is this level of transparency and clarity that sets Nansen apart, enabling users to maneuver through the NFT landscape with greater confidence.

But the possibilities don't stop there. With this Tensor integration, users can also discern what the "smart money" is trading. In the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, "smart money" refers to the investment actions of individuals or institutions that are considered highly knowledgeable, experienced, or well-informed. By tracking these activities, users can gain insights into potential market trends, providing them with a competitive edge.

To access these features and much more, users can visit the Nansen platform at: https://pro.nansen.ai/nft-paradise?platform=Tensor&network=solana

In conclusion, the integration of Tensor into Nansen's Solana dashboards is a game-changer for those invested in the Solana NFT market. This innovative collaboration reinforces Nansen's commitment to its users by providing comprehensive, in-depth market analysis tools. It is yet another step towards the democratization of data and analytics in the NFT universe, allowing everyone to take part in the exciting journey that is the Solana NFT market.

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