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MonkeDAO To Acquire Solana Monkey Business from Hadeswap for $2 Million

By: illustrious
April 15, 2023 1:59 PM EDT
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MonkeDAO, a prominent decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) dedicated to building and curating the SMB ecosystem, has announced its plans to acquire the rights to the popular Solana Monkey Business NFT collection from Hadeswap for $2 million. The acquisition will see MonkeDAO expanding its presence within the burgeoning NFT market while further establishing its commitment to empowering artists and fostering collaboration within the web3 space.

Background on Solana Monkey Business and Hadeswap

Solana Monkey Business is a widely renowned NFT collection featuring 10,000 unique, pixel art monkey characters. Each monkey possesses distinct attributes and characteristics, giving the collection immense diversity and appeal to collectors. The collection was initially launched on the Solana blockchain and has since gained significant popularity within the NFT community.

Hadeswap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) focused on strengthening liquidity for NFT collection with their AMM style marketplace. The platform has played a vital role in enabling easy access to liquidity for top NFT collections.

The Acquisition

The acquisition of Solana Monkey Business by MonkeDAO not only solidifies its position within the NFT ecosystem but also serves as a testament to the organization's dedication to fostering creative communities within the decentralized space. MonkeDAO will assume control over the rights and management of the Solana Monkey Business NFT collection, which includes intellectual property rights, the project's roadmap, and future developments.

Potential Impact

As MonkeDAO takes over the Solana Monkey Business collection, significant opportunities for innovation and collaboration are anticipated to arise. By bringing the collection under its umbrella, MonkeDAO can leverage its expertise and resources to drive the future development of the project. This acquisition is expected to result in an increase in overall value and appeal for the NFTs within the collection.


The acquisition of Solana Monkey Business by MonkeDAO from Hadeswap for $2 million marks a significant milestone in the NFT landscape. As MonkeDAO continues to grow and expand its ecosystem, its influence within the digital art space becomes increasingly pronounced. The Solana Monkey Business collection will undoubtedly benefit from MonkeDAO's resources and commitment to empowering artists and collectors within the decentralized world. As a result, this acquisition sets the stage for further advancements and innovation within the digital art and web3 space.

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