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Magic Eden Expands to Polygon

Magic Eden continues on their cross-chain journey as they introduce the third network to the marketplace's ecosystem. Now supporting Polygon NFTs, users can seamlessly buy and sell NFTs from 3 different blockchains.

November 22, 2022 by Illustrious

Magic Eden (ME) just announced that they are expanding to Polygon, introducing a third network into the world of ME as they continue to expand into the multi-chain world they envision.

To bootstrap their launch, ME has partnered with BORA, Intella X, nWay, Shatterpoint by Block Games, Boomland, Planet Mojo, and Taunt Battleword. They plan to start first with a Polygon Launchpad and a royalty-enforcing marketplace.

Back in August, ME released a Launchpad and aggregator on Ethereum, which was the first step into achieving their goals as a cross-chain platform. According to ME, they've launched over 20 projects and raised 5,000+ ETH for creators on the Ethereum network. This is a part of their broader vision of the multi-chain world, as they believe NFT traders would one day be chain agnostic.

Back in October, ME also joined forces with a competing aggregator called Coral Cube to aid in their ambition of becoming the biggest and best NFT aggregator across all chains.

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