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Kyzzen, The Ultimate NFT Hub, Opens Public Beta

Kyzzen, the ultimate NFT hub, has launched its Public Beta with seven unique tools for news, events, lending, directory, giveaways, minting, and beginners' guide, aiming to centralize the NFT space.

May 30, 2023 by Illustrious

In a significant development for the NFT community, Kyzzen has launched its Public Beta Phase 1. Designed as the ultimate NFT hub, Kyzzen boasts seven new and unique informational tools, all now available to the public.

The platform's objective is to centralize the NFT space and provide a singular destination for all things NFT. From seasoned traders to NFT novices, Kyzzen aims to accommodate all users.

Unveiling Kyzzen’s New Tools

  • NFT News: This feature promises to keep users abreast of the latest developments in the NFT realm. It aggregates news articles from reputable sources like CoinDesk, Coin Telegraph, Crypto News, and more. It also includes podcasts from The First Mint, Edge of NFT, Two Bored Apes, and others. Plus, users can catch relevant videos from NFT Now and NFT Plazas among others.
  • Events Calendar: As a comprehensive and objective crypto event calendar, this tool provides details on all major global crypto conferences as well as hacker houses (e.g., Solana, ETH, Sui). Users can filter events by country, and the platform also furnishes critical links, such as the Official Telegram Chat and Side Events Link.
  • NFT Lending: Kyzzen hosts a comprehensive aggregator of NFT loan offers on Solana, displaying loan details from SharkyFi, Famous Fox Federation's Citrus, and Frakt.
  • Tools Directory: As the first NFT-only directory, this tool offers coverage of most platforms and tools in the Solana NFT space. This will prove valuable for traders needing more data and tools, as well as developers looking for solutions.
  • Twitter Giveaways: Kyzzen currently tracks many giveaways in the NFT space. The platform is developing a feature to enable users to connect their Twitter account and participate in all tracked giveaways.
  • Mint Calendar: The Mint Calendar feature has been upgraded to comb the web for all upcoming NFT drops on Solana, making it a comprehensive tool in the space.
  • NFTs 101: This feature is a work-in-progress beginner guide written in basic, casual language to help newcomers navigate the world of NFTs. The content is updated regularly with new sections slated for addition soon.

Future Plans

Kyzzen is not stopping at these seven tools. The team behind the platform has shared that they are developing three more tools, with many others in the planning and design stage. Kyzzen's vision is to be the one-stop platform and information center for NFTs, especially for newcomers to the space.

The platform is open to collaborations, inviting partner projects that could be integrated into Kyzzen. Additionally, they encourage users to provide feedback on existing tools or suggestions for new ones through their Discord channel.

Further Information

For more information, explore Kyzzen’s tools:

Join the Kyzzen community on Discord for updates, feedback, and discussions.

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