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Jupiter's First Launchpad Token $WEN Set for Release to Over One Million Eligible Wallets Ahead of Historic $JUP Launch

Jupiter Exchange introduces $WEN, its first launchpad token, with an unprecedented distribution to over a million wallets, paving the way for the historic $JUP launch.

January 25, 2024 by Sheldon

In a surprise move, the $WEN token, inspired by a poem from Weremeow, co-founder of Jupiter Exchange, is set for launch on January 26th at 10 am EST. This token, embodying the crypto community's culture and spirit, is not just a digital asset but a precursor to the much-anticipated governance token $JUP, slated for release on January 31st.

$WEN symbolizes the unique ethos of the crypto space, born from a narrative of anticipation and community engagement. The total supply of the $WEN token will be one trillion. In a commitment to equitable distribution, 70% of $WEN will be evenly allocated across over a million wallets, each receiving 643,652 tokens. This extensive allocation will include active users of the Jupiter platform from the past six months, along with holders of several prominent NFT collections, Ovols NFT holders, and Genesis Saga. This approach ensures a broad and fair distribution, reflecting the token's underlying principle of inclusivity.

The launch of $WEN is a strategic step towards the launch of $JUP, Jupiter Exchange's governance token, marking one of the most significant airdrop events in Solana's history. On January 31st, 942,000 wallets will be eligible to claim the $JUP airdrop, highlighting Jupiter Exchange's status as one of the largest DEX aggregators on Solana.

The $WEN token is more than just a launch; it is a celebration of crypto culture and a harbinger for the upcoming $JUP launch. With its unique cultural roots and fair allocation strategy, $WEN sets a new precedent in the crypto space, paving the way for the larger-scale $JUP airdrop and further solidifying the community-driven ethos of Jupiter Exchange.

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