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Jupiter Introduces Limit Orders

Jupiter Aggregator introduces a limit order book system on top of their swapping infrastructure. Users can place orders on the exchange that, if filled, would face no slippage.

December 26, 2022 by Illustrious

Decentralized exchange aggregator Jupiter recently added limit orders to their swapping infrastructure. Orders are filled through a keeper that monitors on-chain token prices which are then executed using Jupiter.

Users setting limit orders could include an expiration time, where if it is not filled a crank would cancel orders and refund the token used to bid to the user's wallet. During volatile periods, limit orders ensure that a transaction does not fail due to slippage. It also allows users to avoid facing slippage. For more information, see here.

These limit order solutions come after the FTX crash where Solana users looked for alternative order book solutions outside of the Serum after learning that funds were controlled by one wallet.

Shortly after, Serum was forked and one of the new order book DEXs that appeared was called Openbook.

The event prompted a large liquidity shift where traders were looking for safer options for their activity, which was met by an array of community-driven projects launching their own solutions.

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