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Jupiter Unveils Ape, Promising a “Safer, Smoother, and Cheaper Way to Trade Meme Coins”

Aiming to streamline the meme coin trading process, Jupiter launches an alternative trading platform with Rugcheck integration.

jupiter logo
jupiter logo
July 3, 2024 by Finn Miller

Capitalizing on the rampant success of meme coin trading protocols like pump.fun and Photon, Jupiter has deployed its own simplified trading experience, aiming to give traders risk analysis and fast access to newly launched tokens. 

What is Ape?

Simplified and secure, Ape is the latest addition to Jupiter’s expansive suite of products. Boasting a host of intuitive features, the trading platform aims to provide a “safer, smoother, and cheaper way to trade meme coins”.

Unlike Jupiter’s standard aggregator, Ape incorporates a few novel features that help meme coin traders get closer to new token launches, while also maintaining higher levels of security. Ape’s distinguishing features include:

  • A Secure, Dedicated Trading Vault - Accessible only to the owner of the original wallet, Ape trading vaults provide an additional layer of security for traders. Through account abstraction, Ape eliminates the need for private keys. Every new session generates a temporary, encrypted key that is used to sign transactions. Whenever the user logs out, the key is automatically, meaning the same key can never be used again to perform swaps. Moreover, by using a vault created specifically for the Ape platform, users mitigate the risk of interacting with various sites that may contain malicious contracts

  • Rugcheck - Before buying any token listed on the Ape trading platform, users will be able to analyze aspects of the token’s metadata and measure it against their own risk tolerance. Powered by Rugcheck, Ape verifies every token and gives it a score, highlighting suspicious assets with a ‘Danger’ flag.ape rugcheck

  • Dynamic, Live Listings - Similar to pump.fun and Photon, the Ape trading platform features a live list of newly launched tokens. Drawing from live pairs listed on Raydium, Orca, and Meteora, Ape provides traders with a continuous stream of freshly created liquidity pairs.ape token discovery

  • Optimized Trades - After traders have selected a token they’d like to buy, Ape dynamically adjusts your slippage settings to ensure users get the best value on their trades. All trades made through Ape will also be re-tried automatically.

Ape is still in its alpha development phase, meaning that further changes and optimizations are expected to be implemented as issues arise. The Jupiter team has also hinted that PnL tracking and trade history monitors are the next features to be included.

Meme Coin Trading Platforms in High Demand

The launch of Jupiter’s Ape trading platform comes following astonishing levels of interest and activity in the meme coin sector. Led by pump.fun, which earlier this week generated over $1.9M in daily revenue, rival applications like DexScreener Moonshot have also joined the fray, creating applications designed to give traders unprecedented access to newly launched tokens.

However, it’s important to mention that Jupiter’s Ape is not a direct competitor to pump.fun. Instead, the platform simplifies meme coin trading and gives users immediate and integrated access to risk analysis tools.

Commentators on social media platforms like 𝕏 have commended Jupiter on their work ethic, expressing excitement and enthusiasm for the new product.

With Ape still in its Alpha development phase, the Jupiter team has encouraged users to provide feedback and suggestions that might expand the protocol and improve its user experience.

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