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$JUP Tokenomics by Jupiter: A Paradigm of Transparency and Accountability

Jupiter's $JUP token, launching on 31 Jupuary with an initial supply of 1.35 billion, sets a new DeFi standard with its transparent, secure minting process and equitable Launch Pool structure.

January 30, 2024 by Sheldon

In less than 24 hours, the cryptocurrency world is set to witness a historic moment in the launch of the $JUP token by the largest DEX aggregator on Solana, reshaping the landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi). Jupiter demonstrates a commitment to transparency and equity in its distribution strategy. Here is an organized breakdown of the $JUP tokenomics, focusing on the Key numerical details

$JUP Token Launch Details

Jupiter is poised to launch its $JUP token on 31st January at 10 am EST, with an initial circulating supply of 1.35 billion. The launch will feature a Launch Pool with parameters set at an initial rate of 0.4, a max of 0.7, and a curve of 1.6 across 250 million tokens. This structure ensures fair distribution, particularly favoring early users, with about half of the tokens available in the 0.4-0.5 range, balancing supply and demand effectively.

In-Depth Overview of $JUP Tokenomics:

Total Tokens Minted:

  - Total Maximum Supply: 10 Billion $JUP tokens.

- Initial Circulating Supply:

  - Adjusted Supply: 1.35 billion $JUP, reduced from the initial 1.7 billion plan.

- Initial Distribution Details:

  - Airdrop: 1 billion $JUP.

  - Launchpool: 250 million $JUP, initially proposed as 500 million.

  - CEX Market Maker Loans: 50 million $JUP.

  - Liquidity Needs: 50 million $JUP.

  - Contingency Reserve: 33 million $JUP.

Team's Commitment to Jupiter:

  - Vesting Commencement: Post-second Jupuary, starting February 2025.

  - Allocated to Team: 20% over a 2-year period.

- Jupuary Every year

 - Jupiter will do an airdrop every year in January. 10% of the supply from the community reserve will be used for the airdrop each year

Rigorous Minting Process and Cold Wallet Security Protocol

Jupiter has established a rigorously detailed minting process for the $JUP token, ensuring maximum security and transparency. A cornerstone of this process is the irrevocable burning of the Mint and Freeze Authorities, a critical step taken to ensure the finite and secure supply of the token, fully aligning with the best practices in the industry and solidifying Jupiter's commitment to a stable and reliable digital currency. Complementing this stringent minting protocol, Jupiter has also implemented a sophisticated cold wallet security system for safeguarding 75% of the total $JUP tokens. This measure protects a substantial portion of the token supply from unauthorized access and potential security risks. The management and oversight of these cold wallets are entrusted to respected leaders within the Solana ecosystem, adding an extra layer of integrity and security to the entire process.

Jupiter's launch of $JUP is a landmark event, not just for its advanced tokenomics but for its demonstration of unwavering transparency and accountability. This strategy reflects Jupiter's dedication to creating a balanced, sustainable DeFi ecosystem that serves and respects its community, paving the way for a more ethical and transparent future in digital finance.


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