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Jelly eSports Enable Solana Boxes Again

Jelly eSports brings back Solana Boxes, a loot box game where those who spin could win luxury items at a fraction of the cost. Spinning with SOL or their native token, Jelly, gamblers can test their luck in this game within the growing Jelly eSports arcade.

January 11, 2023 by Illustrious

Jelly eSports is a Solana NFT project that looks to bridge the gap between Solana's technology and the global eSports industry.

They recently enabled Solana Boxes again, which is a loot box game where people who spin could win luxury items at a fraction of the cost.

Loot boxes could be opened with SOL or JELLY, with varying prize levels depending on the cost of entry. For just 1 SOL, players have a chance to win a DeGods through their Degen Blue Chip box.

With Box Battles, players go head-to-head against Jelly eSports' AI or other players while opening loot boxes. The player that wins the most of all the opened boxes takes the whole prize home for those who like larger rewards.

Jelly eSports' large ecosystem grows through its many utilities, which include games, raffles, auctions, and community events. Their token JELLY is at the core of their products, creating a variety of use cases for stakers.

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