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Helium Mobile: The Game-Changing Cryptocarrier Launching on May 4th

By: illustrious
May 1, 2023 9:13 AM EDT
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Helium Mobile, the world's first cryptocarrier, is set to launch on May 4th, promising to change the game in the mobile carrier industry. By leveraging the Helium Network, the largest decentralized wireless network in the world, Helium Mobile aims to provide fast, affordable, and secure 5G wireless connectivity across the United States, including in the most rural areas.

A Carrier That Changes the Game

Traditional network infrastructure deployment models have been slow, expensive, and bogged down by red tape. The Helium Network economic model, however, incentivizes individuals to help build a ubiquitous network in a fraction of the time and cost. By eliminating capital costs and red tape, people establish part ownership of the network and earn crypto tokens called MOBILE. This new model empowers rapid 5G wireless connectivity deployment across neighborhoods, cities, and states.

Helium Mobile: The World's First Cryptocarrier

Helium Mobile, built on the Helium Network, aims to meet the demand for a mobile carrier that is unlike any other. It harnesses the power of crypto incentives to flip the traditional deployment model of network infrastructure on its head. By incentivizing people to build and power a mobile network, the speed of network infrastructure deployment increases while decreasing associated costs.

Subscribers of Helium Mobile aren't just customers—they're owners. They can earn incentives for simply using their phones on the Helium 5G network, giving them ownership over their mobile plans and the network that powers them. Additionally, Helium Mobile is committed to data privacy, never selling user data to advertisers or other third parties.

The Flywheel Effect

The Helium Mobile network fosters a flywheel effect, where increased usage creates more incentives for people to deploy additional Helium 5G coverage. As coverage grows, the cost to use the network decreases and more Data Credits are spent. This unique effect, which has been proven successful with the IoT network, makes Helium Mobile stand out among other mobile carriers.

Affordable Plans for the People

Helium Mobile offers a variety of super affordable subscriber plans, starting as low as $5/month*. Different plans include 1 GB of data per month, 5 GB of data per month with unlimited voice and text**, and unlimited data, voice, and text**. Subscribers can also earn crypto and enjoy other exciting benefits while using their phones.

Nationwide Coverage with T-Mobile

Helium Mobile has partnered with T-Mobile to ensure seamless, uninterrupted, nationwide coverage. This industry-first partnership provides subscribers with access to both the local Helium 5G network and the T-Mobile 5G network.

A Visionary Team

Helium Mobile's launch is led by Boris Renski, Nova Labs' new General Manager of Wireless. With his team's expertise in building the next generation of distributed mobile networks, they are well-equipped to navigate the rollout of this revolutionary mobile carrier.


Helium Mobile is set to change the mobile carrier industry by providing fast, affordable, and secure 5G wireless connectivity powered by a decentralized network infrastructure. With its innovative economic model, crypto incentives, and commitment to data privacy, Helium Mobile is poised to become a game-changer in the world of mobile carriers.

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