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Gum Unveils Session Keys: Revolutionizing Decentralized Social Media

By: illustrious
April 11, 2023 12:24 PM EDT
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The landscape of social media is shifting rapidly with the emergence of decentralized platforms that promise greater security and user autonomy. One company, Gum, is leading the charge by introducing innovative session keys for decentralized social media. This groundbreaking development is set to offer users an even better user experience without compromising security online. In this article, we will explore the revolutionary capabilities that Gum's session keys bring to decentralized social media platforms.

What are Session Keys?

Session keys are ephemeral keys with specific instructions for access in Solana programs. They are used to allow users to interact with a program under outlined parameters within conditions such as time of access, and spending/post limits. By using session keys users will not have to sign transactions over and over again, providing a better user experience (UX).

Additionally, apps can layer their security model to allow tiered access to a session key that ensures user funds and assets can't be accessed by session keys. According to a blog post by Gum, "[t]his type of layered security is a standard model in web2 applications as well with measures such as firewalls, user authentication, 2FA etc. to protect against threats like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and data breaches. This approach provides a stronger defence against attacks and helps ensure the security and integrity of apps. This is now possible in web3 with the use of Session Keys at the contract level."

Gum's Implementation of Session Keys

Gum's solution focuses on implementing session keys within decentralized social media platforms, offering an additional layer of security to users. By doing so, Gum enhances user privacy by ensuring that their online communications remain secure and protected from prying eyes, even in the event of a data breach.

Gum's session keys work on a peer-to-peer basis, meaning that every individual interaction is protected with its unique key. This method significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access, as even if an attacker manages to intercept a key, they will only have access to a single communication session, rather than an entire conversation history or user data.

New Capabilities Enabled by Gum's Session Keys

Source: Gum

By solving the dApp UX Trilemma, session keys provide solutions to existing problems in web3 interfaces:

  • Enhanced Security: By enabling session keys to sign transactions under certain paraments, the implementation does not compromise security as hackers are still unable to drain wallets or access users' private keys.
  • Seamless UX: Gum's session keys remove the need for users to sign multiple transactions for every interaction. By reducing stickiness, users have better flow while using the app which can be compared to existing web2 companies like Instagram or Twitter.
  • More Interoperability: By integrating traditional wallets with session keys, one's on-chain identity is composable and not linked to any one app.


Gum's introduction of session keys to decentralized social media platforms marks a significant milestone in the ongoing pursuit of a more secure and interoperable digital world. By leveraging cutting-edge cryptography and peer-to-peer technology, Gum's session keys unlock a new realm of possibilities in terms of security and user autonomy. As the Web3 movement continues to gain momentum, it's innovations like these that will define the future of online communication and digital identity management.

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