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GenesysGo Launches Mobile shdwDrive for Solana Mobile at Crossroads; Users Can Now Earn $SHDW by Powering Decentralized Storage from Mobile

Mobile shdwDrive launch comes as Solana Mobile surpasses 150,000 pre-orders for its Web3-focused smartphones, fueling demand for decentralized solutions.

May 10, 2024 by Sheldon

In a move set to propel decentralized storage into the mainstream, GenesysGo unveiled Mobile shdwDrive, a revolutionary feature for Solana Saga phones, at the Solana Crossroads conference in Istanbul today. This groundbreaking integration empowers users to transform their Solana Saga devices into decentralized storage nodes, earning rewards in $SHDW, GenesysGo's native token.

Solana Mobile Growth Fuels Demand for Decentralized Storage 

Just five months ago, Solana Mobile launched its second-generation smartphone, the Chapter Two. Since then, pre-orders for both the Saga and Chapter Two phones have surpassed a combined total of 150,000 units, highlighting the tremendous user demand for a Web3-focused mobile experience. This rapid growth trajectory, fueled by the appeal of Solana Mobile's vision, creates a massive and rapidly growing user base primed to participate in the future of decentralized cloud storage with Mobile shdwDrive.

"Mobile shdwDrive puts the power of the data economy in the hands of everyday users," said Frank Mathis, CEO of GenesysGo. "We're enabling people to monetize unused storage while transforming old phones into valuable assets – it's both economically and environmentally compelling."

Aligning with Web3 Vision

This launch aligns perfectly with Solana Mobile's broader goal of breaking the Android/iOS duopoly by offering a Web3-native mobile experience. By enabling users to power the infrastructure they rely on, GenesysGo paves the path for the true democratization of cloud storage, with the potential to onboard millions of new users through mobile.

Leveraging Desktop Success

Mobile shdwDrive builds upon the strong foundation laid by the desktop version of shdwDrive, which launched in May 2022 and has already garnered significant traction. With over 27 million SHDW staked across 2,700+ wallets, GenesysGo has established a loyal user base. The launch of a mobile integration, with its user-friendly interface and the compelling incentive structure of earning $SHDW for contributing storage space, is poised to supercharge this growth.

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