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Galactic Geckos Launch Investment Fund

Galactic Geckos have launched "the largest investment of its kind in the entire Solana space" called GreenListed. They intend to support innovative and dedicated builders by investing in them.

September 9, 2022 by Illustrious

Solana NFT project Galactic Geckos to launch "the largest investment fund of its kind in the entire Solana space", called GreenListed (GL). GL intends to support hard-working and innovative builders through investing in incubation to late-stage rounds as they believe these investments have the most upside potential over the next several years.

The initiative continues the Gecko DAO's decision to revive one of Solana's older NFT projects to try to make the ecosystem a better place for all. To be funded, builders must meet the 3 criteria:

1) What you are building must be a net positive for the Solana ecosystem.

2) Meaningful benefits, past/present/future to Gecko holders.

3) Outsized upside potential.

The first project GreenListed was Matrica Labs, a known NFT tool suite. The GreenListed funding intends to aid in ramping up development and increasing their bandwidth for handling their exponentially growing user base.

The first of Galactic Geckos GreenListed projects, their investment initiative plans to bring power back to creators within the Solana ecosystem and value to the Galactic Gecko holders.

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