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Famous Fox Federation Released 1/1 Art Marketplace

Famous Foxes add another tool to their suite, with 1/1 artists in mind. Called Marmalade, it is a 1/1 marketplace that enables artists to create and sell their art in a secure manner.

October 11, 2022 by Illustrious

Famous Fox Federation recently released their new product, Marmalade, which is a 1/1 marketplace. It enables artists to create and sell their art in a safe and secure manner, removing friction between artists trying to sell custom or commissioned pieces and their buyers.

Marmalade allows artists to have their own profiles, displaying their bios, past work, and minimum rates. Payments are denominated in USDC and through an escrow to guarantee a secure transaction for all buyers/sellers.

Famous Foxes have a wide array of utility tools for people native to Solana, such as their token market, raffles, and peer-2-peer swaps. With Solana NFT buyers in mind, Famous Foxes tries to solve an array of problems for anyone who uses Solana for their day-to-day needs.

To date, they have 17 tools free for users to use on their website which you can find here. They have also expanded to the Aptos ecosystem to provide the same utility they created for NFT traders on Aptos and to grow their own ecosystem.

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