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Earn More $JUP on Jupiter: What is ASR (Active Staking Rewards) and How to Participate

Get more than just staking returns – vote on projects, shape Jupiter's direction, and earn extra $JUP.

March 12, 2024 by Sheldon

Jupiter, the premier DEX aggregator on the Solana blockchain, introduced a revolutionary rewards system called Active Staking Rewards (ASR). This innovative model incentivizes participation in the project's governance through its community-driven Launchpad For Governance (LFG) system. Let's delve into how ASR works and how you can earn rewards.

Understanding Jupiter ASR

Unlike traditional staking systems, Jupiter's ASR requires you to actively contribute to the platform's decision-making by voting on project proposals. By doing so, you are rewarded for shaping the future of the Jupiter ecosystem.

Benefits of Participating in ASR

  • Governance Participation: ASR empowers you to play a direct role in determining which projects launch on Jupiter.

  • Earning Rewards: Your participation is rewarded with a share from a pool of 100 million $JUP tokens (Jupiter's native token) and 75% of Launchpad fees. These rewards are distributed quarterly.

  • Building a Strong Community: Encourages a highly engaged holder base, vital to the success of the Jupiter ecosystem.

How to Participate in ASR

  1. Acquire $JUP: To participate in the voting process, you'll need $JUP tokens. You can buy them here with your Solana Wallet or at Binance.

  2. Lock Your $JUP: Visit the Jupiter voting platform ( and lock your $JUP tokens. Each locked $JUP token gives you one voting unit.

  3. Cast Your Votes: Participate in LFG votes where you can select the projects you believe will add value to the Jupiter ecosystem.

  4. Earn Rewards: Rewards are distributed proportionally based on the number of $JUP tokens you have locked and used for voting.

Important Details

  • Equitable Voting: Each locked $JUP equals one vote, ensuring fairness regardless of holdings.
  • Flexible Unlocking: Unlock your $JUP tokens anytime, with a 30-day unlocking period. Your voting power gradually decreases during this period.
  • Multiple Votes: Vote on several proposals without affecting your $JUP balance or voting power.

First-Round Voting Concluded - You Can Still Participate!

Even though the initial LFG voting round has concluded, you can still earn ASR rewards. Start locking your $JUP tokens now to prepare for the next round of project proposals and voting. Jupiter is continuously learning and improving its LFG system. The next round of candidate introductions begins on Thursday, March 14th. Voting will open soon after new projects have submitted their introductions and proposals.

Jupiter ASR: Empowering Community Governance

The Jupiter ASR program goes beyond simply earning rewards. It allows you to actively shape the platform, contributing to its growth and evolution. Participating makes you an integral part of the Jupiter community, driving its success while securing rewards for your contributions.


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