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Conjure Your Masterpiece: Tomb Stoned's AI Art Generation Tool

By: illustrious
May 9, 2023 9:09 AM EDT
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The world of digital art has reached new heights with Tomb Stoned's Conjure, an AI Art Generation Tool that allows users to create unique, high-quality images using two cutting-edge AI Art Engines: DALL·E 2 from OpenAI and Deep AI's Machine Learning Text-to-Image Generator. These images can be directly minted into an NFT or Collection, making Conjure a game changer for artists and collectors alike.

Unleashing the Power of AI Art Engines

Conjure leverages two powerful AI Art Engines to transform your text prompts into visually stunning images. OpenAI's DALL·E 2 creates realistic images based on natural language descriptions, while Deep AI's Machine Learning Text-to-Image Generator comprehends your words and generates a unique image for each use.

Flexible Web3 Payment Methods

To accommodate diverse user preferences, Conjure supports various Web3 payment methods, including featured partnered projects such as $FORGE, $KIRA, $MOB, $BOO, $REP, and $KING. USDC and SOL are also accepted as payment options.

Skeleton Holders Enjoy Additional Benefits

Skeleton Holders can enjoy free credits and reduced fees on the platform. Moreover, partnered projects receive 40% of all accumulated tokens redistributed to their treasury, while tokens like $KING have 40% of accumulated tokens burned from the supply. The remainder is distributed to Skeleton Holders.

Enhanced Prompt Options and Seamless NFT Minting

Conjure offers Enhanced Prompt Options to help users craft better images, with several prompt buttons and descriptions available to improve image generation. Once an image is generated, users can mint it into an NFT or create an entire collection of mutable or immutable NFTs. Customizable options include entering a name, symbol, and royalties, selecting mutable or immutable features, and enabling edition prints before minting.

Future Updates and Conjure's Beta Version

As Conjure is currently in its early stages of Beta, the platform is continuously working on updates, bug fixes, and additional features. Users can look forward to bulk credit purchases in various payment options, AI algorithm optimization for increased adherence to prompts, categorized prompt adjustments, AI image editing, and free credits for all first-time users.

Tomb Stoned is committed to making Conjure the best it can be and appreciates user feedback and suggestions. With ongoing support and collaboration from the community, Conjure is set to revolutionize the world of digital art and NFT creation.

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