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Cointelegraph Says Solana Saga Pressured Apple To Embrace Crypto

Cointelegraph recognizes the Solana Saga, a Web3 mobile phone, as a potential influence on crypto trends. Notably, Apple's recent moves, such as approving Uniswap, may show the Saga's impact.

June 19, 2023 by Illustrious

Cointelegraph recently recognized that the Solana Saga, the revolutionary Web3 mobile phone, has potentially influenced significant trends in the tech and cryptocurrency industries. This acknowledgement comes as we observe giant corporations such as Apple showing signs of embracing crypto integration.

In April 2023, Solana launched the Saga, a groundbreaking Web3 mobile phone that uniquely blends standard smartphone functionality with a seamless Web3 experience. The phone is designed with a decentralized application (DApp) store, providing a platform for interoperability across various crypto wallets and DApps. The Saga's innovative approach has resonated throughout the industry, potentially informing future tech strategies.

Cointelegraph's report provides a detailed overview of the Saga's features and user experiences. Built to resemble a mainstream phone, the Saga has a sleek form factor comparable to an iPhone. It operates on Android OS and sports robust hardware features. Moreover, it allows users to easily set up a Solana wallet and a seed vault, streamlining crypto transactions and incorporating the Web3 experience.

The Saga offers access to an array of Solana network DApps. Despite early glitches, the DApp store has evolved over time, with the range of available apps expanding rapidly. It is also worth mentioning the unique Saga experiences that bring the Solana user experience to life, such as the receipt of a genesis token and the seamless crypto transactions with the Phantom wallet.

While the Saga delivers an integrated experience with its native DApps, it also provides support for other Web3 applications through the Android ecosystem. The blend of integrated and non-integrated user experiences, plus the occasional airdrops, gives Saga users a unique taste of the future of mobile crypto transactions.

Cointelegraph suggests that the Saga might be influencing broader trends within the tech industry. This was first noted in a previous SolanaFloor article that stated Apple's recent approval of Uniswap and Axie Infinity, along with in-app sales on StepN, could be interpreted as indicators of the Saga's ripple effects.

Source: Cointelegraph

The 30% 'Apple tax' still remains a significant drain on creators' revenues, but these recent shifts suggest Apple might be feeling the pressure to adapt its policies. If the tech giant is indeed drawing lessons from the Saga's innovation, it could be the beginning of an even broader acceptance of crypto technology by mainstream tech manufacturers.

While the Solana Saga might not dethrone the iPhone or Android in the short term, its unique offerings present a glimpse into a future where Web3 and crypto technology are integral parts of the mobile experience. The saga of the Saga is just beginning, and it's already influencing industry trends and reshaping the future of mobile technology. The next few years will reveal how deeply these innovations penetrate the mainstream market and influence giants like Apple to further integrate crypto technology.

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