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Claynosaurz's Call of Saga: Two New Species in Claynotopia

By: illustrious
April 30, 2023 1:46 PM EDT
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Claynosaurz recently announced an exciting expansion pack for their popular Claynotopia series, the "Call of Saga". In partnership with Solana Mobile, this expansion brings not only new characters into the Claynotopia universe but also marks a historic event in the crypto world. The release of Solana's Mobile device, combined with Claynosaurz's innovative NFTs, offers new opportunities for collectors and players alike.

Today, Claynosaurz hatched a third species in a moment titled 'Flight of the Dactyls,' where Sardines were used to create Dactyls in part of their expansion plan.

Dactyls: A Fresh Addition to Claynotopia

As part of the "Call of Saga" expansion, Claynosaurz introduces two new species, the Spino and the Para. These new additions come with unique class unlocks and alternative mechanics, expanding the Claynotopia experience for both new and existing collectors.

While there will never be new Rexes, Dactyls, or Brontos minted beyond their original numbers, the introduction of the Spino and Para species brings with it rarity and exclusivity. There will only be 1,000 spinos and 1,000 paras ever minted, making them highly sought-after collector's items alongside the Dactyls.

Benefits of the Expansion

The "Call of Saga" expansion offers numerous advantages for Claynosaurz's growing community:

  • Free NFTs: The Para and Spino NFTs are free, opening the door to more people joining the ecosystem and strengthening the community.
  • Non-Genesis Species: The new species work alongside the Genesis species, offering unique classes and use cases in the future.
  • Expanded Lore: The introduction of the Spino and Para species brings new facets and possibilities for the Claynotopia universe's lore.
  • Stunning Visuals: As with all Claynosaurz creations, the new species boast incredible designs that are sure to captivate collectors.

Strategic Partnerships and Future Growth

Claynosaurz's partnership with Solana Mobile highlights the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of physical technology in web3. By building strong relationships and leveraging strategic partnerships, Claynosaurz ensures continued growth in brand equity, popularity, and demand for their characters.

The "Call of Saga" expansion serves as a new entry point for collectors and players, offering fresh ways to engage with the Claynotopia universe. As the ecosystem continues to grow, the value propositions for the name and characters are expected to increase, making this an exciting time for both new and existing participants.


The "Call of Saga" expansion by Claynosaurz marks a significant milestone in the world of NFTs and crypto collectibles. By introducing new species and partnering with Solana Mobile, Claynosaurz aims to expand its reach and enhance the collector's experience. The Spino and Para species promises new opportunities, mechanics, and an ever-growing community for those who choose to join the Claynotopia universe.

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