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China's Trillion-Dollar Injection Into Crypto

China's proposed trillion-dollar economic stimulus may bolster major cryptocurrencies. Amidst warnings from the US Federal Reserve, China's actions may reignite growth in the crypto market, offering potential returns to savvy investors.

June 21, 2023 by Illustrious

Bitcoin, ethereum, and other top ten cryptocurrencies – including BNB, XRP, cardano, dogecoin, tron, solana, and polygon's matic – have become the focus of market watchers amidst speculation of a covert U.S. "alliance to destroy crypto." Despite the looming shadow of uncertainty, cryptocurrencies have proven resilient. The bitcoin price alone has recorded a 50% surge this year, inspiring a wave of bullish price forecasts. However, a sudden pause in the rally has sparked serious warnings from Coinbase.

As the U.S. Federal Reserve hints at more imminent interest rate hikes, including a $1.1 trillion shock, the world is turning its gaze towards China. The Asian giant's proposed economic stimulus package could potentially "inflate everything," encompassing bitcoin, ethereum, BNB, XRP, cardano, dogecoin, tron, solana, and polygon's matic.

Former Forbes billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya, who dropped out of the ranking in 2022 amidst a crypto and stock market crash, commented on the All-In Podcast, "China has said, 'we're going to start to rip in trillions of dollars.'" He further stated, "If China starts to basically turn on the money printer and go through a huge spate of quantitative easing, it's going to just inflate everything because they're just such a critical artery to the world economy."

Earlier this week, China's state council announced its consideration for an economic package aimed at bolstering its post-pandemic recovery by expanding "effective demand." The state news agency, Xinhua, published this statement, stirring both intrigue and speculation.

Palihapitiya, known for his strategic use of SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies), believes that the notion of a hard landing is impossible when China is ready to print trillions of dollars. This perspective points to a potentially lucrative period for cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin, along with ethereum, BNB, XRP, cardano, dogecoin, tron, solana, and polygon's matic, saw significant surges in the past few years. These gains were largely fueled by the Federal Reserve and other central banks' pandemic-era stimulus measures.

The crypto market experienced a crash in 2022 as the Fed tightened its monetary policy to curb inflation, wiping away a staggering $2 trillion in value. This week, however, the Fed halted its streak of ten consecutive interest rate hikes. Despite this, Fed chair Jerome Powell signaled the likelihood of further rate hikes in the future.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Powell said, "We have raised our policy interest rate by five percentage points, and we've continued to reduce our security holdings at a brisk pace. We've covered a lot of ground and the full effects of our tightening have yet to be felt."

Amidst all these movements, China's trillion-dollar injection could present an unforeseen opportunity for crypto. As the world awaits the impact of China's bold economic measures, the crypto market could witness yet another wave of growth, inflating the value of major cryptocurrencies and potentially offering massive returns to savvy investors. As always, the market remains unpredictable, and investors are advised to navigate these waters with caution.

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