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Celebrating the Innovative Winners of Solana Grizzlython

By: illustrious
April 7, 2023 11:00 AM EDT
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The Solana Grizzlython, an exhilarating hackathon event, has finally come to a close, leaving the community in awe of the inspiring projects and ambitious developers who participated. As one of the largest blockchain hackathons, the Solana Grizzlython offered a platform for innovators to create groundbreaking solutions leveraging Solana's fast, secure, and scalable network. In this article, we celebrate the event winners, whose creations are set to reshape the landscape of blockchain technology.

Solana Grizzlython Overview

The Solana Grizzlython, organized by the Solana Foundation, aimed to attract developers and entrepreneurs worldwide to showcase their ingenuity in building decentralized applications (dApps) and other blockchain-based solutions. The hackathon comprised various categories, including DeFi, NFT, Web3, and gaming, and participants were given several weeks to develop their projects. A panel of expert judges evaluated the submissions, focusing on their innovation, utility, and overall impact.

The hackathon had more than 10,000 participants from over 70 countries, with 813 projects submitted for the judges. Solana co-founder, Anatoly Yakovenko, said he is "excited to see all the projects that have launched during Grizzlython. From payments to governance, games to finance to mobile, the builders in the Solana ecosystem are paving the way for mass adoption of blockchain technology.”

Winners of Solana Grizzlython

Taking home the Grand Champion prize of $50,000 USDC, Underdog API allows users to seamlessly integrate dynamic NFTs into products and use the blockchain as a shared data layer.

  • Mobile Track: Tap

Coming first in the Mobile track, tap, a cash app for spending, sending, and earning cash easily using Solana and USDC won an award of $30,000 USDC. More prizes went to those coming second to fifth; AquaID, dReader, Proto, and SAGAnize, respectively.

  • Infrastructure & Tools Track: Bunkr

With a prize of $30,000 USDC, Bunkr came first as an Asset Protection tool that's powered by code-based 2FA in the user's authenticator of choice, while being permissionless and trustless. Additional winners were Xray, Extrnode, Tinydancer, and Shadow Portal.

Winning the Gaming track for a prize of $30,000 USDC, Michi is a casual roguelike dungeon-crawling game that powers an ecosystem of games/products. Runners-ups are Kyogen Clash, RPS, Sporting Labs, and 3ntertain.

As the first on-chain periodic double auction DEX and DeFi primitive, DBL DEX took home the $30,000 USDC prize for the DeFi Track. The other winners were Sujiko, Arbon, Slide Labs, and defiOS.

A marketplace for hiring developers on a per-task basis, Lancer won the $30,000 USDC prize for the Web3 Consumer track. Additional prizes were distributed to Floop, Crossbow Analytics, w3bber, and Triggr.

  • DAOs and Network State Track: Trove

Providing treasury management for Solana NFT founders, Trove came first in the DAOs and Network State track for a prize of $30,000 USDC. Other winners were Agora Courts, Re:naissance, Align, and Cubik.

A protocol to encrypt, embed, and seal a secret into Solana NFTs, Tamperproof opens up on-chain distributions of coupons, gift cards, and tickets. Winning $30,000 USDC for coming first, additional prizes went to SplitWave, Payleaf, West 57th, and Heliport.

A gamified peer-to-peer data annotation platform for scaling ethical and reliable data labeling practices to advance the AI industry, Digi Divers won the University Award of $20,000 USDC as a project led by university students.

Taking home the $5,000 USDC Climate Award, Sunrise Stake offsets carbon in your sleep as a regenerative finance staking protocol built with climate change and sustainability at its core.


The Solana Grizzlython has once again demonstrated the immense potential of blockchain technology and the Solana ecosystem. The winning projects, along with the honorable mentions, reflect the commitment of developers to push the boundaries of innovation and explore new frontiers in decentralized applications. As we celebrate the winners of the Grizzlython, we look forward to seeing these solutions mature and thrive, playing a pivotal role in the ongoing development of the blockchain space.

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