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Is it Solana's Meme Coin Season?

By: illustrious
May 2, 2023 11:29 AM EDT
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As the cryptocurrency market experiences a surge in meme token popularity, with tokens like $PEPE being recently listed on exchanges, we have decided to delve into the $BONK and other meme tokens to provide some data-driven insights. Through the comprehensive dashboard created by Jackguy for BONK, and Step Analytics, we aim to examine the tokens' dynamics and share our findings with the community.

BONK's Meteoric Rise & Fall

Between December 24th and January 5th, the BONK Token experienced a meteoric rise in value, driven by increased market sentiment, positive news surrounding the project, and an influx of new investors seeking potentially high returns. However, following its peak on January 5th, the token underwent a significant decline, losing nearly 70% of its peak value.

Source: Flipside Crypto

The initial spike in the BONK token's value can be attributed to several factors, such as:

  • Increased market sentiment
  • Positive news surrounding the project
  • An influx of new investors seeking potentially high returns

Following the all-time high, the token's value declined significantly, which can be attributed to factors like:

  • Profit-taking by early investors
  • Overall market correction
  • Negative news or sentiment surrounding the project

Since then, the token's value has been on a continued downtrend, reaching its bottom on March 10th.

Analyzing Market Sentiment

As the BONK token's price continues to decline, it is crucial to analyze market sentiment and technical indicators to determine if this downtrend will persist. The overall sentiment surrounding the project may have shifted, with investors adopting a more cautious approach due to the token's rapid decline.

However, meme coins appear to be on the rise again. Recently, a token called $PEPE launched on Ethereum and quickly rose to the top 100 crypto coins on Coingecko.

Highly successful meme coin launches can drastically shift market sentiment and create uncautious investors seeking a pump. While it is yet to be seen if any of the liquidity from $PEPE comes to Solana, there's already been an uptick in price for existing meme coins.

Source: Step Analytics

Yesterday, a meme coin called $PEPE pumped over 200% in just one day. Subsequently, meme coin $FRONK moved +40% in the same day, potentially signaling that Solana degens are back and looking to buy.


The world of meme coins has undoubtedly captured the attention of both casual and seasoned investors, creating an exciting and unpredictable market environment. While some investors, commonly referred to as "degens," seek to capitalize on the potentially high returns offered by these tokens, it is essential to approach this market with a healthy dose of caution and due diligence. Meme coins often exhibit volatile price swings and can be influenced by factors such as social media hype and market sentiment, making them inherently risky investments. Aspiring investors should carefully assess their risk tolerance, conduct thorough research, and be prepared for the possibility of significant losses. Ultimately, the meme coin market can offer unique opportunities, but it is crucial to approach these investments with a well-informed strategy and a clear understanding of the associated risks.

Always experimenting.

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