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ANS Protocol Introduces Token With Rebrand

ANS Protocol rebrands as AllDomains, expanding its mission to simplify creating and trading Web 3 domains. Featuring a new interface and the $ALL token for TLD creation, AllDomains promises to revolutionize the Web 3 domain landscape.

July 5, 2023 by Illustrious

In a bold evolution move, ANS Protocol, the prominent domain management protocol, has announced a comprehensive rebranding. It's shedding its old skin and emerging anew as AllDomains. But, this rebranding is not just a simple name change. It embodies a greater mission - a mission to encompass the entire landscape of Web 3 domain management and creation.

The company has adopted a vibrant new moniker, AllDomains, that portrays its determination to do it all. In alignment with this vision, the company has introduced a fresh and user-friendly website, The new interface enables users to manage all their Web 3 domains from one centralized location. From tracking to transferring, editing, wrapping, and unwrapping, AllDomains offers a comprehensive solution to all domain-related concerns.

However, this is just the beginning. AllDomains is on a quest to simplify the process of creating and trading Web 3 domains. To make it even more inclusive and empowering, AllDomains plans to allow any community or project to create and register their custom Web 3 identities.

Introducing $ALL Token

As part of this ambitious new phase, AllDomains has revealed the upcoming launch of its native $ALL token. The $ALL token, a fundamental part of the AllDomains ecosystem, is designed to drive the platform towards decentralization and community ownership. Beyond governance, the $ALL token carries significant utility within the platform.

In a move sure to excite users, new TLD (Top-Level Domain) creation for collections and Emoji TLDs auctions will be enabled via the $ALL token. This means users can own .🫡, .🚀, .🤡, and other Emoji TLDs. From trading and auctioning to gifting and even earning money through unpacking, AllDomains aims to offer complete control to the users.

AllDomains - For All, By All

In essence, AllDomains is about 'All.' All users should have a say, an option, an opportunity to create, and a chance to have fun. In this new era of AllDomains, all domains should work as one and extend across all blockchains, one at a time.

Their mission remains steadfast: to enable fun, brandable, and easy-to-use domain names for all users. And to support this mission, they have a well-thought-out plan. The $ALL token, TLD customization and management tool, TLD auctions, new partnerships, and more integrations - all are in the pipeline, aiming to revolutionize the Web 3 domain space.

In a united front, AllDomains calls upon its community to join in their pursuit of building the best Web 3 ID protocol. They invite users to be part of this transformative journey, which begins on Solana Anon, to build for the next billion users. Indeed, now is the time for AllDomains: All. Together. Now.

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