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Alameda Owns 8.2% of Solana's Supply, and It Unlocks in 2025

Alameda Research has a locked $45M Solana stake, accessible only by mid-2025. An anonymous account's ongoing SOL liquidation adds to market pressure. The situation, a reminder of crypto market risks, might need legal intervention for fair asset distribution.

June 10, 2023 by Illustrious

The blockchain industry has witnessed its fair share of dramatic moments, but few are as attention-grabbing as the predicament currently facing Alameda Research. The esteemed cryptocurrency firm finds itself entangled in bankruptcy proceedings due to a locked stake in Solana (SOL), a top-tier blockchain platform known for its high-speed transaction capabilities. Alameda Research's locked stake amounts to 8.2% of Solana, or approximately $45 million.

However, this sizable asset remains inaccessible until mid-2025 at the earliest, according to data compiled by Delphi Digital. This state of affairs has sparked intrigue and concern within the cryptocurrency community, given the substantial size of the locked stake and its potential implications on Solana's market dynamics.

The information disclosed by Delphi Digital also unveils an additional concern for the Solana ecosystem. An account suspected to belong to an early investor has been systematically liquidating SOL over the past few months. Using a Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) strategy, the account has sold roughly 7 million SOL and still retains about 10 million SOL.

The persistent sell-off introduces immediate sell pressure on the SOL market, complicating the effects of Alameda Research's bankruptcy proceedings. How this added supply will impact SOL's price and investor sentiment in the short term remains uncertain.

The Solana community and stakeholders will undoubtedly keep a close watch on this evolving situation. They will be particularly interested in the manner in which the remaining 10 million SOL is sold and its potential repercussions on Solana's price.

Like all bankruptcy proceedings involving substantial cryptocurrency holdings, this case might necessitate legal intervention to ensure fair asset distribution and protect the interests of all parties. The proceedings and the management of the remaining SOL will be of considerable interest to not only the Solana community but the broader cryptocurrency industry.

The consequences of these recent developments on Alameda Research's standing in the cryptocurrency landscape are yet to be determined. Nevertheless, the firm's locked stake and the ensuing bankruptcy proceedings serve as a stark reminder of the risks and challenges confronting investors and industry participants in the constantly evolving digital asset space.

It highlights the inherent volatility and uncertainty of the crypto market, even for institutional players like Alameda Research. Navigating this complex scenario will necessitate a delicate balance of legal, financial, and strategic decision-making - a scenario that will be closely monitored by the entire blockchain sector.

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