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DeGods and y00ts to Migrate Chains

Dust Labs will be bridging DeGods and y00ts off of Solana, and onto Ethereum and Polygon. DeLabs received a $3 million non-equity grant from Polygon for the move, and to aid in the expansion of the DeLabs team.

January 26, 2023 by Illustrious

The teams behind DeGods and y00ts announced on Sunday that each project would be moving to a new chain, Ethereum and Polygon, in early 2023.  

The move follows after months of people pressuring the DeGods world on NFT Twitter after rumors had surfaced, including other builders in the ecosystem shaming them for their decision.

Frank replied with, “There’s an argument to be made that [DeGods] has capped out on Solana. It’s hard to accept, but it’s been tough to grow at the rate we want to grow. If Ethereum is where we have to go to keep growing, it’s what we have to do.”

In the y00ts Discord, he also announced, "DeLabs received a $3M non-equity grant from Polygon to help fund the expansion of the DeLabs team and to kickstart and initially help scale the incubator we are building that will allow you to spend y00tpoints and DePoints to mint our incubator's NFT collections."

With the money, the team plans to begin expanding the DeLabs team and its operations. He added that they can "launch higher quality projects" and "provide actually cool partnerships/deals/discounts/perks with real businesses" with the new funding.

DeGods was the most valuable NFT project, with a floor price of 572◎ and a total volume of 3.8M◎ on Magic Eden (ME) at the time of writing. Their sister project y00ts is not far behind, following up with a 126◎ floor and 2.8M◎ in volume on ME.

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